More than 150 delicious freezer recipes! Every delicious recipe is family friendly and freezer worthy!!
Dinner is Ready is a new cookbook designed to change your life. Learn the 30 Meals in One Day method of once-a-month-cooking. With easy to read and clear instructions, this book details every aspect of the process including techniques, order of events, tips and shortcuts that will put 30 meals in your freezer in one day, a fraction of the time it would take to make each of those 30 meals individually. Don’t have a day to spend in the kitchen? Choose one of the shorter options! You don’t have to freeze 30 meals at once — any number of meals in your freezer will bring you satisfaction and a measure of freedom at dinner time!Every meal you put in your freezer is one day of freedom in your future!
I was provided the Dinner is Ready cookbook by 30 Meals in One Day, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  I have been searching for an easy way to do make-ahead meals that I can freeze for use on a future date.  This cookbook was the perfect solution because it not only has over 150 recipes, it also lays out step by step instructions to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with the process.
I have to admit, I have not yet found a day to try out the 30 meals in one day technique, but I have high hopes to do so soon!  I think the main reason I haven’t been able to try this out yet is because my husband works seven days a week and it is difficult for me to find time when I can have the kitchen all to myself, with no kids or distractions.  The book says you do need to have a day where you can simply dedicate your time to preparing meals.
If you want to learn more about freezer meals visit the 30 meals in One Day website, they have some sample recipes listed, as well as tons of other useful information!
If you do freezer meals, or if you try out this program let me know how it works for you! We would love to hear your thoughts.
Review written by Jesica.
Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own!