One of my favorite subscription snack services contacted me recently to ask if I’d like to try their new ‘customize your box’ service. Previously you would get a selection of five delicious snacks sent to you, but you really never knew what you were going to get. Now you have the option of customizing the snacks you want sent to you each month and I just love it!

I fell in love with NatureBox the first time I tried their service about a year ago, and now that you can customize your choices I love it even more! The whole idea behind NatureBox is having access to healthy snacks that taste great, while allowing you to eat foods that are nutritionist approved.

Customizing my NatureBox

Since I had the opportunity to pick which snacks I wanted to enjoy, I knew right away I wanted the Mangos. I had them in my last box and they were sooo good! 

Then came the hard part…picking out four other delicious snacks. I decided I would go with some things I had never tried before just to be able to have something new. I went with Dried Pears, Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars, Cranberry Almond Bites, and Cinnamon Spiced Almonds.

Of all these items, the mangos were still my favorite, but the cranberry almond bites and figgy bars were right up there too! The dried pears were good, but they were dried with the skins and stems still on and it made them a bit hard to eat at times. The cinnamon spiced almonds were out of my normal snack zone and did end up being my least favorite. The flavor was decent and my mom will probably love them (she will be getting them when I see her next), but nuts just aren’t my thing I guess.

The great thing about all of the snack options (and there are a lot of options), is that you can view nutrition information and any member reviews before you decide to order any particular snack. The pears I ordered are Vegan, soy free, are sweet, have low sodium, dairy free, and GMO free.

nutrition info

Another great feature about the NatureBox service is that there are over 100 healthy, delicious snack options already, and new snacks are being added all the time!

More about NatureBox

NatureBox is a monthly subscription service where you get delicious, healthy snack options delivered right to your door! Each box is only $19.95/month and ships free. You can also choose a higher subscription option to receive even more snacks each month for a discounted rate. All ordering options can be found right here: Member Details

NatureBox how to

Be sure to check out more about NatureBox on their website, or follow them on social media. You can find NatureBox on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


So tell us…

Which snack options would you customize your box with? 




The Mommy Bunch received a snack box to facilitate this post, all opinions are our own.