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Well-being. It’s not just about being physically healthy.  It is so much more than that.  Physical and mental health is a big part of your overall health and wellness, but it is just a portion of a much bigger picture.  When you feel good about being close and connected to family and friends, or being involved in your community, that is well-being.

Are you financially confident?  If your career is in good shape and you are on top of you’re savings, that is well-being too.  And of course the time you get to spend doing things you love, like traveling, or even just exploring your interests, such as gardening or painting.  This is all well-being.

There is a simple way to check to see how you are doing overall in your well-being, and a place you can go to help guide you to a better well-being by improving the areas you feel are lacking.  My Well-Being Powered by Humana is a place that knows that well-being is about every aspect of your life—your health and your loved ones, your finances and your leisure time and it’s the place that can help you find it.

Check out more about My Well-Being in this short video:

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Once you go to the website it will ask you to create an account and take a “My Well-Being Assessment.”  This assessment is very simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete.  Once finished it will let you know how you stand in the four categories of: Health, Money, People, and Play.

If you feel that one or more of those areas is not where you would like it you can read expert articles, watch videos, get daily tips—and create the website you want to help you improve in areas personalized to you.   Plus you can save your favorite content in one place, and share it easily with others.

You also get a FREE copy of the FREE Dummies book.  I ordered mine yesterday!

Membership is free, so you don’t have to worry about handing over any personal information.  Just sign up and start enjoying the benefits of improving your well-being today!

One of my favorite things on the My Well-Being site is the iTriage Symptom checker.  If you are not feeling well you can research symptoms, explore causes, and even find health providers.  Another feature of the site that I like is the games you can play.  They are basically games to stimulate your mental health, and they are fun!

The My Well-Being site really does offer a lot of tools to help you achieve your goals, but it is not one of those overwhelming sites where there is just too much stuff.  The amount of content is just right.  I highly suggest you check it out and sign up today!  I’ve been enjoying it so far.  🙂

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Written by Jesica.

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