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I have this crazy fear of dying in childbirth. I don’t really know where the fear stems from, it is just there. It isn’t an all consuming fear, just something that is always on the back of my mind. This fear causes me just enough anxiety to be a little stressed out, which had me a little grumpier than normal toward the end of my pregnancy. The kids of course knew something wasn’t right, they just didn’t know what had been on my mind.

Helping siblings feel welcomed when expecting a new addition to the family

As many of you know I have been expecting my third child sometime this month. Although I have had this fear of childbirth on my mind, I didn’t want my kids to worry or be afraid about me going to the hospital to have the baby so I haven’t shared my concerns with them (they are really young anyway). I did think it would be a good idea though to help them feel welcomed by the new baby and feel reassured that they weren’t going to be put on the back burner, or that we were going to give them less attention once baby arrived.

My four year old daughter has been especially attached to me lately and I think she has this fear she isn’t going to get as much mommy time. In her defense she probably is going to lose a little of my attention as I do need to tend to the needs of the baby, but I also want her (and my son) to know that I will still be there for/with them.

Big Brother/Big Sister gifts from baby

I thought ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’ gift bags would be a great way to make both of my kids feel welcomed by the new baby, and know that we are still thinking of them too. As I was thinking about creating the gift bags, I knew right away what we were going to put in them. A few months ago I had the chance to attend the premiere of Disney’s Planes, and during this event I also got a sneak peek at the new Disney movie FROZEN. The movie is about two sisters and how their relationship changes and grows over time — as they grow from young children to adults. Of course there is much more to the story; like ice princesses, mystical trolls, and saving the kingdom, but the whole sister aspect of the movie was really what got me. I decided that gift bags with FROZEN merchandise would be a great way to help my kids feel more at ease about bringing home a new baby.

frozen big brother big sister

Creating the gift bags

The first thing to do was of course head out and find some things to put in the bags. Even though I saw a sneak peek of the movie back in August, the kids have finally seen FROZEN themselves so they are familiar with some of the characters and I knew which were their favorites.

My husband and I were out on a shopping trip together at Walmart, and it doesn’t happen very often that we are alone without the kids, but I figured it would be a great time to select some items for my son and daughter. We found an amazing selection of FROZEN toys but I wanted to make sure to get both kids something, so dolls were out as my son probably wouldn’t enjoy those as much as my daughter.

frozen, walmart, cbias, elsa, anna, toy, #shop

We did find the cutest little Olaf toy where he says tons of fun phrases and his body parts even pop off. The body parts are attached by Velcro and a string so they can’t go far, but it is fun taking him apart nonetheless.

frozen, walmart, olaf toy, #shop

After deciding Olaf was a great choice for both kids we headed over to the book section. Both my kids love having books read to them every night before bed so picking up a few new books for their collections was an easy choice. Plus, several of the books talked about what it is like to be a big sister, something my daughter will now get to experience!

frozen, walmart, elsa, anna, frozen sisters, #shop

Once we got everything home I took the plain bags and added the words ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Big Sister’ to them. You can see my tutorial on how to do that  in my DIY post. Then I simply filled them with the items we purchased and hid them under daddy’s desk. We wanted to wait until the big day actually arrived so we could gift the bags from the baby.

Welcome to our newest addition!

frozen gifts, #shop

I know one big brother and big sister who couldn’t be happier to have a new baby sister!

Big Sister, Big Brother, #shop

Taking it easy at home

I ended up having a c-section which means my mobility is a bit limited. Because we wanted to take it easy the first few days, we decided to stop and get Subway on our way home the first day.

It was a great way to make sure the kids still had a good meal, I didn’t have to cook, and we could all sit and enjoy spending time with the new baby. And there was another great surprise, the Subway Fresh Fit  Kids meals come with a FREE Frozen Keychain, plus have Frozen themed reusable bags through January 6 with exclusive collectible designs. The kids were thrilled to be able to use the bags to take their lunches to school, and the key chains were super cute too!

frozen, subway, olaf toy, #shop


So tell us…

Who is your favorite character in the movie FROZEN? My daughter really liked Anna, or as she says “not the one who freezes all the time.”   🙂