Our family has always loved everything Disney. I may have mentioned in the past that my husband used to work at Walt Disney World through the college program, and he loves to go back and visit and share the parks with his own kids. We also recently had a chance to host a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate and it was a ton of fun!

Any chance we have to get outside, enjoy the weather, and invite friends to have a little fun – we are there! Our Disney Kids Preschool Playdate included some fun games, some fun Mickey Mouse themed food, and of course, lots of laughs.

To start off our playdate, we headed outside and played a few rounds of “Find The Hidden Mickey”. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park, you know there are Hidden Mickey Mouse Ears all over the place (if you’ve never been, be sure to keep a look out when you start planning your trip!).

Everyone had so much fun racing around outside trying to fill up their scorecards and find all the mouse ears.

The oldest were a little competitive, but the youngest kids had just as much fun!

After playing games in our backyard, we all took a stroll down to the park where we found the perfect picnic table to set up our Mickey Mouse Picnic.

For food, we had Copycat Disney Parks Cinnamon Candied Almonds, Mickey Mouse Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, and Halved Grapes (for little eaters). 

Before eating, everyone had a chance to decorate their own party hat any way they liked. There were Mickey Mouse themed stickers, star stickers, and more. 

All in all, our picnic party was a ton of fun, and everyone had a great time!

How do you celebrate Disney Kids style?