How often do you look in the mirror?

When I was younger I spent quite a bit of time checking myself over before going anywhere, because let’s face it – self-esteem is a huge issue when you are a teen. Now that I’m a parent, I don’t want my kids to worry so much about what others think and instead really see themselves for who and what they are – beautiful just the way they are! I still look in the mirror every morning before heading off to work, but that is about the only time I ever make sure I look at least somewhat presentable.

Do you have a set idea of what beauty is or what it is to be beautiful?

This question was posed to me by Walgreens and Dove in collaboration with Global Influence. For me, beauty isn’t some way of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing how beautiful I look with make-up on (or without). It isn’t about what great fashion sense I have (or lack thereof).

I guess the more I thought about it, the more I realized that to me beauty means being happy with who you are and just enjoying life as it is. Sure I sometimes use certain products because they make me at least feel like I’m doing something to look or feel better, but I can’t really say that I’m over the top. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make-up, and most days I don’t wear any at all. I don’t really sit around all day thinking about how people perceive me without make-up. Plus, now that I have two daughters of my own I am even more conscious about the effects of people’s opinions of beauty can have.

I’ve already heard my four year old daughter talk about how short hair is for a boy – odd considering I cut my hair short so she definitely didn’t get that idea from me! She also likes to wear pretend make-up occasionally and has even asked to wear mine once in a while. I don’t wear make-up often so sometimes I will just dab a bit of powder on her nose or cheeks and call it good, but I certainly don’t want to be sending the message that she needs make-up to be beautiful.

My mother was never one to wear make-up either. Perhaps it is from her that I get this sense of pride in knowing that I don’t need make-up to be beautiful. Just being with family and being happy is all the beauty we could ask for in the world. Here is my mom, my sister, and myself all together for a rare photo opp (sans make-up).

mom and me and sis

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So tell us….

How has your definition of beauty changed as mother or how has your own mother’s definition of beauty helped to shape your self-esteem?



I have been compensated by Global Influence for this post, all opinions are my own.