Hotel Bed Bug Infographic
Graphic by Moxie Pest Control

This infographic is brought to you by When I first saw this infographic I thought it was great advice, but then I got to thinking a little more….if you are staying in a hotel room that requires you to leave your luggage at the door and check for bed bugs, perhaps you should be looking for a different type of hotel. 

I have never even thought to check for bed bugs at any of the places I have stayed, and if they were as visible as the graphic seems to indicate they are, I would expect the cleaning staff to have taken notice long before I ever step foot into the room. If they have not, or the staff is not sufficient, I again state…YOU ARE STAYING IN THE WRONG PLACE!!

I’m not even talking about staying in a high class, overly expensive hotel. You can find great deals on a lot of travel sites, but seriously….you shouldn’t have to check for bed bugs when you are traveling!  YUCK!

However, if you are concerned about the possibility of bedbugs, this infographic does give great advice on how to check for those little buggers.