Do you have an IT certification exam you need to take this year?  Are you unsure how to prepare for exams and find yourself harboring anxiety over taking tests?  I’ve been there.  When I took my state teacher certification test I was extremely nervous, but I really wanted to do well.  Of course everyone wants to do well, but I’m so competitive, especially when it comes to my grades and test scores, I really, really wanted to do well.  At the time there was a suggested “practice exam” we could use to study, but it really didn’t cover a lot of the material and didn’t list many of the same types of questions that were on the real exam.  

If you have any type of certification exam you need to take this year, you may be feeling the same way I did when I was taking my test.  Our friends at TestsLive want you to know about their prep plans that may be able to help you out!  


We are a company that specializes in providing IT certification study materials that are of the highest quality. We provide study guides, audio exams, video case study, practice tests with questions and answers, and more.  We are committed to supporting IT professionals as they prepare for challenging certification examinations, and we do this by providing them with the best exam preparation products available.  IT professionals almost without fail find our products to be the ones that provide both the most complete exam training you can get and the best preparation to use this information in real world situations.

Some of our specialties include Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCDA, and Checkpoint CCSE. Included in this collection are Network+ and CompTIA A+ practice exams.

We have so much faith in our products that we guarantee that you will pass your exams if you use our products as instructed.   More than that, you will gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.

We know that you don’t have a lot of time to study and that you need your exam preparation products to be affordable.  We regularly update the questions and answers in our practice exams.  This means that we add questions that reflect new content that is present on the exam, and we remove the questions that possess content that is no longer represented on the real exam.  This is all done for your benefit so that you can study all that you need to study and only what you need to study, which saves you time and effort.  This helps you pass so that you are not forced to spend even more time, effort, and money preparing for the exam again and taking the exam again.

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Written by Jesica.


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