I work at a University as my full time job.  This particular University actually offers textbook rentals as part of their tuition price; however, most colleges, tech schools, or universities do not offer this service, and in fact make you shell out hundreds of dollars to buy books for your courses.  

As a college graduate, I know how expensive books can be.  I have purchased plenty in my time as an undergrad, then graduate student.  Unfortunately I didn’t go to a campus that rented out textbooks, and I didn’t know there was an alternative place that provided this service.  I wish I would have known back then because it would have seriously saved me tons of money!

I found out about a service called CampusBookRentals, and thought it would be great to share this service and perhaps save someone some money down the road.  They offer an easy rental and return policy, and they even provide free shipping!  Here is all it takes:

  1. Search for your textbook rentals.
  2. Rent your textbooks.
  3. Receive your textbooks – FREE shipping offered!
  4. Return your textbooks – We Provide the Return Envelope and Shipping is FREE!!!
Just to test this out I did a quick search for a Biology Book.  If you were to buy this book from some place like Amazon, it would cost you approximately over $160.  Renting it from CampusBookRentals was $63.39 and you return it after the semester.  
Since most books sit unused after you finish the class, the savings might be worth it.  I know all my old books are just dust collectors right now, lol.  
A few things to know about renting textbooks from CampusBookRentals:
  •   You can highlight in the books!
  •   You can choose to purchase your book at a later date by paying the price difference.
  •   Everything you need to return the books is provided, including shipping!
Written by Jesica H.
Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post in which The Mommy Bunch received compensation, however, all opinions are our own.