I have a HUGE purse. I admit, I don’t really need all that space, but something about carrying around a big purse “just in case” always seems like a great idea to me.

I mean, what if I need to bring an entire box of graham cracker Scooby Snacks for the kids because they might get hungry on our five minute trip over to grandma’s house? Or what if I really really need to carry around all those receipts just in case I have to return something ten months from now when they won’t even take it back anymore?!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t quite that bad. I only keep my receipts for about six months, not ten.  🙂

I do really have an issue with my purse getting all cluttered up from receipts though, as well as the stuff the kids want me to carry, and let’s not forget all the pertinent items that I can never seem to find when I need them (checkbook, pen, chapstick, etc.).

Here is a picture of what my purse looks like…admittedly this picture does not look half as bad as what it really is like trying to dig through this behemoth to find something.  It is hard to take a picture to get the magnitude of how BIG this purse is, and how much crap I have to dig through, but here you go:

unorganized purse

It even got to a point that I got so sick of digging through everything that I figured I would go completely minimalistic and try to cut out everything I didn’t need…including the purse!

There I was carrying around my cell phone in one hand, with some credit cards stuck in the case.  Yikes..if that doesn’t scream “take all my info and rob me blind” I don’t know what does! I mean, what if I lost my phone, then whoever found it would not only have my phone, but all my credit cards too!

So… onto the next. The no-purse thing didn’t pan out, but I still have this problem of having to dig through it every time I need something.

Then I found the Pouchee.


The Pouchee is a purse organizer that not only keeps essentials organized inside your purse/bag, but also makes it easy to switch between purses in seconds –you know, for those more fashion conscious ladies who like to switch purses every now and again (this is so not me… I think the last purse I bought was about five years ago; but for some this may be very handy!).

The Pouchee purse organizer can be used by itself, but it is really designed to fit inside your purse and offer easy access to all your essentials.  This is great for me because like the old saying goes, “A home for everything, and everything in its home.” This does actually work out quite nicely, and I have to say my purse has never been easier to dig through!

The Pouchee – Does it organize your purse?

Take a look for yourself!

One side has a slot for credit cards and your keys (or anything else you want to put in there).


The other side has room for a pen, your phone, and the empty slot in the middle fits my point-and-shoot camera perfectly ( but I’m using it to take this picture so the camera is not in there right now).  🙂


The inside has a zippered pocket on one side, a small pocket on the end that fits two lip balms perfectly, and a larger open area that is divided in two by the cloth material.  I have been keeping all my medicine on one side so it is easily accessible….no more digging through my huge purse to find it!


The other side has another pocket without a zipper, and you can see the interior is about as long as my checkbook.


The other great thing about the Pouchee is that it has a button enclosure. If you have a big purse like I do, you can button it and be assured your items are not just going to fall back out into your purse.

The big rings also make it very easy to just grab the Pouchee and switch it over to a new purse. Great for those who like to swap purses for whatever the occasion, or switch out purses for each season.


Here is my purse, fully organized thanks to the Pouchee.  I can easily grab anything I need because I know right where it is, and I can keep all my bigger stuff (like catalogs for my business) off to the side.

organized purse

I have really liked using the Pouchee so far.  I have the Outback style made of a high quality faux leather, but they also come in a canvas material.

It has been holding up well, and everything has been easily and readily accessible   I really cannot believe I waited this long to try one!

The only downside I can see so far that it is not quite as big as I thought it was going to be, however, that is probably a good thing in disguise because if it were any bigger things would start to get unorganized again.

Organize Your Purse with Pouchee!

Would you like to get your purse more organized and stop digging around for everything?

If you are ready to get a Pouchee, you can Purchase a Pouchee now, or enter to win one by using the entry form below! (US 18+)


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