If you’ve ever wanted to try making butter there are several ways you can do it right at home. You can make fresh butter in a jar, or use grab a Mealthy Handblend to create a butter churner that is simple to use and whips up homemade butter in no time.

I love to employ my children in making butter when we do butter in a jar because it is fun for them to do a whole bunch of shaking and watch the butter change forms.

It changes first to whipped cream, then it starts to solidify a little before breaking and releasing the buttermilk and leaving behind the solid butter. This is a really fun family activity if you have the time for it!

If you would rather speed things up a bit, you can make a homemade butter churn by simply using an immersion blender like the Mealthy Handblend. I love mine because it makes light work of so many tasks, from whipping cream, to pureeing soup, to even making my own butter!

homemade butter

Making Fresh Homemade Butter

The steps are super simple and the ingredients even more so. All you need is some fresh whipping cream and that’s it!

If you want your butter to be salted, simply throw a little salt in before you start blending. 

You can use as much or as little whipping cream as you want depending on how much butter you want to make, but the rule of thumb is to only fill whatever container you are using half full so you don’t whip it all over your kitchen. 🙂

I like to use the whisk attachment that comes with the Mealthy Handblend to get started. You can get a lot of air in your cream rather quickly this way and it turns to whipped cream pretty fast.

You can continue with the whisk past the whipped cream stage if you’d like, or you can swap over to the regular immersion blade at this point and keep on blending until you get to the butter stage. 

You’ll want to note that when your whipped cream starts to solidify the first time, this is not quite butter yet. You need to keep going until you notice all the buttermilk breaks free (called breaking) and you then have solid butter left behind. You’ll know when you get to that point. 

Not quite butter yet…

Now you have butter (notice the buttermilk can be seen)…
Keep churning a bit more to get out all the buttermilk… there will be quite a bit.

Simply pour off your buttermilk, rinse your butter with a little water, and you are set!

Don’t forget to save that buttermilk to use for making all sorts of yummy treats… like pancakes, quiche, pie crust, french toast, or anything that calls for milk in the recipe.

Your butter is now ready to use. You can store in the refrigerator, or if you are like our family… it won’t last long because we use butter on everything. 🙂 

You can also make cinnamon honey butter… recipe coming soon!

Full Homemade Butter Process

See the process from start to finish in this quick video:

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