Want a fun, easy, and very inexpensive keepsake that you and your child can cherish forever?  How about a do-it-yourself footprint blanket?  This keepsake can be framed, hung on a wall, or displayed in any way you like; and the best part is that you and your child can cherish this for a lifetime.

Here is what it looks like:

How I did it:

I took a blanket given to me by the hospital, stamped my daughters feet with ink, and placed them on the blanket the night she was born. I was prepared for this but you could really do it at any age.  You could even add footprints each year to see how your child grows throughout the year.

Then I went to Michaels, but any craft store will do, and bought a frame with enough depth to fit the blanket as it was folded.  Always wait until the deals come out.  They have deals and coupons all the time and I always wait because the price difference is worth it, otherwise you will end up spending a lot more money.

I then took paint, but I’m thinking a marker would be just as good or better, and wrote part of her name on the top and the date she was born on the bottom.

I have extra blankets they gave me and I would like to do one when she turns 5 just to see how much she has grown.  If you don’t have extra blankets, you could use the same blanket, then put footprints throughout the years, and mark each year on the blanket next to the footprint.

Total spent on this project (with tax):  $5.59 
 Ink cost:   $1.99 (look for deals and get the best price)
 Frame cost:  $7.99 plus 50% off and then 20% off that with coupon, total:   $3.20

Written by Heather.