Spring is underway and is soon to give way to summer and all the fun that comes with it. But summer fun can take a toll on both your body and mind if you aren’t careful, which is why you should put yourself first this year.

Being a little more healthy and active is a great way to maintain your personal health all summer long, but not using your free time carefully could lead to disaster, especially in these uncertain times of a pandemic.

The Covid-19 virus has caused misery across the globe. Whether you have been affected or not, you aren’t invulnerable to the direct or indirect physical and mental effects of the worst virus the world has seen for over 100 years.

Read on to see how you can continue to stay healthy all summer long.

Enhance Your Workout

Adopting an active lifestyle and beginning to work out is one of the best things you can do in order to maintain your physical and mental health. The act of exercising alone has been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin levels which can naturally make you feel good and help with depression and anxiety.

As you get more serious though, you can enhance your workout with supplement mixtures, known as stacks (https://steelsupplements.com/blogs/steel-blog), that have been developed for various levels, with specific results in mind such as weight loss, body sculpting, muscle mass, etc.

Be Aware of Covid-19 Rules

The effects of the Covid-19 virus are still being felt all over the world and even though vaccines are being rolled out with great success, issues such as the anti-vax movement, mutated variants, and lax pandemic controls by some nations are contributing to the pandemic.

As a result, some cities, states, and nations have a higher infection rate than others. For example, in the United States, high republican states are seeing more infections than Democrat-led states which means that some of these states are now enforcing strict measures. 

Practice Covid-19 Safety Measures

As a precaution, and as a necessity depending on where you live, you should take every step necessary to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Obviously, as the weather gradually becomes more enticing, you will want to spend more time outside doing fun stuff.

Theme parks, water parks, and restaurants are now largely open, but that doesn’t mean you should start relaxing your own Covid 19 measures. Stay safe by practicing social distancing where necessary and keep your mask on if there is even a remote chance of being infected.

Leave International Travel Until a Later Date

Given that the scope and scale of the pandemic are still alarming in many parts of the world, you might want to delay your international vacation until either later in the year, next year, or even 2023 in order to be sure of staying safe.

Countries like France, Spain, and Italy are allowing entry, with controls, while Mexico is currently completely unrestricted. Therefore the potential for infection is rather high. In addition, all Covid-19 border controls are subject to change without notice so you may become stranded.

Don’t Over-Exert Yourself

With the great summer weather and the availability of more activities than usual such as hiking, climbing, and exercise, it’s easy to forget that the hotter climate has a greater effect on your body. In the United States alone, around 700 people per year die from heatstroke.

To combat the adverse effects of the hot summer sun it is imperative that you hydrate yourself appropriately, stay in the shade as much as possible (except for tanning of course) and limit your exercise to a little less than you would usually do.

Research Summer Fashion Trends

If you have been exercising during this spring in order to get yourself ready for summer, then treat yourself and study the coming fashion trends for mid-2021 because if you have been working so hard to lose weight and sculpt your body, you are going to want to show it off.

There is nothing wrong with that. While some of you probably couldn’t care less about fashion trends, many people find that it makes them feel good to follow current trends. One study found that 86% of people stated that it makes them feel good to look stylish on a budget.

Have Your Hair Cut and Styled

One of the most fashionable things you can do is cut your hair or have it styled. Many people feel that their hair is an important factor in determining how they feel on a given day and can impact mood and directly impact mental health.

Some psychotherapists believe that this is because the act of cutting hair boosts emotions as it can provide immediate relief by knowing that you are identifying a problem and doing something to remedy it.

It isn’t only summer when you should be thinking about your physical health and emotional wellbeing though, and no matter what season it is, you can implement some of these tips for feeling great all year long.