cleaningAfter being trapped in the house for the winter, it is about time to get some spring cleaning done. Then you look around and that overwhelming feeling is beginning to hit you, there is so much to do and you just push it off longer and longer.  If this sounds like you, here are some easy and fast ideas/tips to help you out and get that cleaning done easily and with less stress!

ŸGetting organized:

With each room you are cleaning in, before you start all the scrubbing, go through everything. Is it really something you need or use? Have you used it in the last 6 months – 1 year? If not put it in a pile in the next room. Finish cleaning. Then go to the pile, sort by: Can you donate it? Can you sell it? If not pitch it. Be clutter free.


They begin to smell awful, and not only that, they get dirty. Take ½ cup baking soda and pour it on to of the drain. Next take ½ cup vinegar and pour it on top. (Remember this from science class, with the balloon on the top of the two liter bottle? Let that fizz for 1 minute to 1 ½ minutes and then take a pot of boiling water and pour over top of the drain. (Make sure it is boiling, it will help to take the residue with it). Fresh clean drains.

ŸBath tub curtain:

After using the same curtain for an extended period, I know that mold starts to grow on it. An easy way to beat getting rid of them and buying new twice a year is to throw it in the was every couple months..with just a little bit of vinegar. (I use about 3 table spoons for 1 curtain.) Sometimes I will even add a little baking soda, (about 3 teaspoons). I always wash on hot water, usually killing two birds with one stone – this trick will clean your washing machine out as well. Especially if it is getting that foul odor!


Have spills discoloring the inside of your fridge? Take 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda to every 1 quart hot water. Use a clean sponge or rag, and then wipe away stains with ease. Also for dried on food, add a little baking soda and drop or two of hot water and let it soak for roughly 5 minutes, then use a rag and wipe away. (Not saying you might not have to put elbow grease into it, but it is a lot simpler than just scrubbing away).


I have found that just regular water and vinegar does a better job on windows and glass than regular Windex. I use a clean rag each time and just spray a little to the area, it seems like dust stays away better on our entertainment system compared to when I use Windex. – no to mention it doesn’t leave that streaky look when I wipe it away.

Recycling electronics:

Old DVD, CD, and Games laying around? Want to get rid of them but still get paid for them? does just that for you! It is so easy, all you have to do is enter in the bar-code of the item. Then you will go to your local UPS store and send it out, ALL FREE! Receive a check in the mail for items after they have been received!

Helpful tips:

Make sure when you are cleaning, you stay organized. You do not want to have a million projects started, and then forget what you did or did not do. Make a list. Be sure to follow it, and check off what you did as you go.

If it looks that bad do not walk away. You do not want to start off with the easy tasks and then come back to the worst and then decide to not do it.

Lastly, always use a clean rag. Do not keep using the same rag that is just infesting with dust and germs, I mean really, what is the point if your just spreading dirt and dust to new areas? Try rotating rags out and washing them in between uses.