I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

It isn’t always easy to consistently come up with projects for the kids that are both educational and fun that can also be enjoyed by the whole family. I love discovering educational, fun, and exploratory things for my kids’ active minds and imaginations. Junior Explorers was a recent find that has been a big hit over here! Plus, it came in the mail, which is just a huge bonus for the kids – they love mail!

Receiving our Junior Explorer Kit

He was pretty excited to be a Junior Explorer and help out the Polar Bears!

photo 4

We started our mission by opening (and dumping) all the contents and finding our “Mission” letter:

Dear Junior Explorer,

We need your help to find the lost polar bear!

In this mission, we are headed to the Artic, home of the North Pole, where you will meet Chief Biologist Akycha. Akycha found two polar bear cubs wandering all along in the vast, frozen landscape with their mother nowhere in sight.  Unfortunately, he has been unable to locate her so far.  Akycha is very concerned because, as an expert, he knows a polar bear mother would never leave her cubs! There is definitely a mystery here. Your mission is to locate the mother and reunite her with the cubs!

We’re so happy you’re here to help us on this mission. First, check out your mission kit. We have sent you everything you need to prep before you meet us online.

Once you’re ready log on to Junior Explorers and enter code xxxxxx to get started.

See you at the mission center, Junior Explorer!

Explore. Share. Protect.

Your friends,

Kia and Kyle

Getting Ready for Our Mission

Next we made sure all our mission supplies were in order.


Check out our really neat collectible Junior Explorer fact cards,  figurines, bracelet, and pin!

dad ddsdfdf

We also had to write our names on the activities book!


After we located and observed (played with) the above contents, we headed to the computer to begin our mission.

photo 1

My kiddos, ages 3 and 5, (kit geared towards 5-11) really liked all the animal facts! Because they are younger, I think it was important to pause the mission and explain what the content that was read was all about. For example, we tested to see if we could turn our heads all the way around like an owl and looked in a mirror to see just how many sets of eye lids we have, compared to the three an owl has.

We also enjoyed looking at the extension activities booklet at the end – the kids really loved the hands on stuff!

photo 5

My kiddos had collected points at each level of the game, and guess what they did with them!? Donated them!

What a great way for kids to feel like they are making a difference! Kids can turn the points they earn into real donations to nonprofit organizations like WWF and the Nature Conservancy. Junior Explorers has even teamed up with Seventh Generation to jumpstart this giving initiative!

So you’re probably asking yourself, what is this Junior Explorer business and how do I get ahold of it?!

  • Junior Explorers is a first-of-its-kind program for kids that combines offline and online learning to teach them about our planet!
  • Junior Explorers is great for kids ages 5-11
  • Junior Explorers gives back a percentage of its revenue to real conservation projects happening around our planet! 

Head to JuniorExplorer.com to sign up. You can subscribe to have a new mission delivered every month.

Once enrolled, you will receive a starter kit that contains everything you need to embark on a fantastic mission!


Each month is a new mission with new animals in a different ecosystem. This month’s kit contained items to explore the Artic and save some Polar Bears!


Head on over and check it out and let us know once you’ve completed your first mission. We can’t wait to hear how much fun your kids had!

Junior Explorers Mission Arctic




I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.