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While my family and I love a good old fashioned game of chance, some of the best family board games also involve a battle of wits. In our house, we love playing family board games, and it’s a plus when they are educational like Continent Race from Byron’s Games!

About Byron’s Games

“Our mission is to introduce fun and creative products that give children a chance to learn something new and explore their passions.” 

You can read more about the fantastic story behind young Byron and his journey to help kids by visiting their website here: byronsgames.com.

About Continent Race

Continent Race features the national flags of countries throughout the world. It’s a game for two or more players, ages seven and up. The first player to collect the required number of country cards from each continent wins the game! 

When my daughter and I played the game for the first time, we had a ton of fun just figuring out how the game worked, learning the rules, and just having a good time playing together. 

The game is pretty simple. You get seven cards to start, and your goal is to collect four cards from each continent to win the game (or from three continents for a simpler version). The learning part comes in when you have to say the name of each country as well as locate which continent it is on as you discard to end your turn.

I don’t think it is in the rules, but we added to the learning experience by stipulating that in addition to saying out loud which continent a country is located in, you also had to find it on the map and point it out. Of course, everyone could help find it, so it became a fun game of “who could find it first.”  

Another educational element to the game is challenge countries. If you get a card with a challenge symbol on it, you can challenge any other player to name as many countries on that continent as they can. They go up against you in the challenge, and you take turns going back and forth naming countries until someone misses.

My husband played the game with my daughter and me once as well, and we all had a good time figuring out which countries are located where. The games go pretty fast because there are so many countries in the world, and the chances of you getting four on a continent are pretty good.

How I’m Using Continent Race

Even though we enjoyed playing this game the few times we’ve played so far, my kids would much rather play something else that has a bit more of a “fun” aspect to it (we have a vast selection of games, after all).  

To keep the experience of family game night fun and lively, we typically use this game in place of a geography lesson every once in a while. In this way the kids still enjoy playing the game, they are learning while they are doing so, and we can save the games that rely more on chance for our family game nights. 

Continent Race is a great family board game that is also educational, but I’d reserve it for supplementing your schooling and not for family game night. Overall I do recommend this game as a fun addition to your school. It can be an excellent supplement to learning the countries of the world, as well as a welcome change of pace to your routine on occasion.

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