About a week or so ago I was picking up my kids from childcare like I do just about every afternoon. We were getting into the car when I heard my three year old daughter say, “look mom, a 4 in a tree!”

At first I just kinda said the “mm hmm” typical response when I’m trying to pretend to pay attention but busy so I can’t really pay full attention.

Then she kept saying it over and over, “look mom, a 4 in a tree!” (It should be noted that my very strong willed three year old will say things repeatedly until she gets the acknowledgement she desires, or gets what she is after).

By this time I finally had everyone situated in their seats and I was in my seat in the car. So I asked her, “what are you looking at hun?”

“A 4 in a tree, right there,” as she points to the tree right next to our car.

It took me a minute, but then I saw it. Sure enough, there was a great big 4 right in the tree. Take a look and let me know when you see it too!


Seeing the 4 in the tree just reminded me that there are great educational opportunities all around us. My three year old was able to point one out to me.

Learning doesn’t always have to be pen and paper or even in the classroom for that matter. Sometimes all you really have to do is get down to your child’s level and see things from their perspective. You might be amazed at how different things seem from a few feet lower.

Get your kids outside, take them for a walk, or just find some things around the house. See what both you and your kids can discover together!


What have you learned lately? Share an educational moment with us and how it inspired you!