What is an Implementation Engineer?

An implementation engineer provides top-level IT support; and while most companies have a mid-level tech team for routine IT implementation needs, the implementation engineer steps in for the more advanced needs or hard-to-correct issues. In some cases, the implementation engineer also supervises a staff of technical-team employees.

The implementation engineer is expected to stay on top of changing technology. Whether it is newly developed software or a new networking program, if it benefits the company, the engineer is expected to know about it and be able to implement it. Continuing education is a large part of what is expected in this position, and certification in programs such as EMC ClariiON Solutions is highly beneficial.
EMC Clariion CX500

The EMC E20-340 Exam for CLARiiON SAN software

The EMC E20-340 Exam concentrates on everything that a candidate needs to know in order to implement CLARiiON SAN solutions within the context of heterogeneous open system environments. This is a specialized skill set, so anyone wishing to pursue a career that involves this knowledge base and skill set will need to prove their proficiency in this area. The certification that you can get from this certification exam is one of the best ways to demonstrate this knowledge base and skill set.

Information That You Need To Know For This EMC Exam

You cannot be absolutely sure what information you will need to know for the exam, but the things that can reasonably be expected to appear in some form in the exam questions are not hard to guess. They begin with CLARiiON management as well as basics like CLARiiON software, hardware, and storage. This list goes on with FC Host Configuration, FC SAN Configuration, and iSCSI Host Configuration. The list concludes with EMC tools that are designed to be used with CLARiiON, Connectrix B and MDS Series management and architecture, and SnapView Management and Implementation.

More Information That You Need To Know

You will also have to be at least fairly knowledgeable in a number of different products to have the best chance of passing this test. They include MirrorView, SnapView, and Unisphere suite. Again, these products may not be seen on the EMC E20-340 exam, but there is a good chance that they will be. They may not be the only ones, though. Being prepared and ready for any additional products is your best best for passing the test.