Parenting teenagers has always been tough, but it’s even harder to do well in the current digital age. Now, it’s easy to access a lot of information right from their mobile devices, and some of this information is a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. As far as body standards go, there are many trends for what’s acceptable, and this can erode anyone’s confidence. That’s why it’s important to encourage your teenager’s confidence in light of this, and there are a few ways to do this as a parent.

Encourage Them to Enhance Their Best Features Naturally

Firstly, let your teenagers know that everyone is made in their own unique way. This can help them understand that they don’t have to look like someone else for them to be perfect. Instead, tell them that they can look amazing by playing up their best features in a natural way. This way, you can help them fight the pressure of getting procedures early on or even as they get older, unless they actually need them for medical or other reasons. One example of a procedure like this is getting Botox, the effects on chronic migraines of which, according to RefinedMD, last up to three months.

Model Healthy Behavior and Acceptance

Next, remember that you can have a significant impact on the choices that your teenagers make by modeling healthy behavior yourself. While parenting teenagers, you can be sure that they’ll respond better to advice that you actually follow yourself. An example in this case is for you to find and use natural lip balms and ointments that moisturize your lips, leaving them healthier and more appealing. If, when they’re adults, they do decide to get lip fillers, they’re generally last for anywhere from 12 to 18 months, , according to Cleveland Clinic. Do the same for other issues that your teens may be facing, and they’re more likely to become satisfied with natural solutions.

Help Them Improve Their Oral Health

Oral health and a bright smile play a big role in someone’s self-confidence, and this is the case for both adults and teenagers. That said, make sure to help your teen take care of their oral health so that they can have a smile that’s not just bright and lovely, but one that’s also healthy. With proper oral health care, there’s a slim chance of your teenager developing an oral health issue that will call for something like implants or veneers. However, when natural rememdies don’t work, it’s perfectly okay to prioritize your oral health and side with these methods. Keep in mind that dental veneer procedures, according to WebMD, call for three trips to the dentist. This implies that by keeping the teeth and gums healthy naturally, it’s possible to save time and money on costly procedures.

Expose Them to Realistic Body Images

Last but not least, remember that you can’t control everything that your teenagers come across. That said, you can help them by ensuring that they know what’s realistic and acceptable, versus what’s unrealistic and unacceptable or what’s been altered to improve it. If your teens can spot these and tell them apart, they may not fall victim to the pressure of aiming for an image that’s not possible to attain without procedures or even dangerous health and dieting issues. With your guidance, they can learn to love and accept themselves, understanding that a certain degree of perfection could be difficult to attain or dangerous to achieve.

Once your teen has a healthy image of themselves with your help, they’re likely to enjoy improved confidence. Welcome any questions and concerns that they have with open dialogue, and you can help them live a much better life as a result. Remember to let them know that trends come and go, so what may be fashionable and considered attractive one season may be out as soon as the next one. Help them nurture a healthy relationship with their image, and you can save them significant issues in the future.