It is a dream for every homeowner to have smaller energy bills. However, this dream becomes difficult if you live in an old house that has not been renovated for some time. About 85% of houses in America were built before 1980. The consumption of energy in these houses is very high compared to more modern houses. The following are some energy-efficient home improvements that have a great ROI.

Install Programmable or Smart Thermostat

An automatic thermostat helps to adjust the temperature according to the setting. It combats your bills by reducing energy usage. The thermostat is adjusted according to your schedule, not to leave it heating or cooling while you are away or asleep. It also gives you the ability to adjust the temperature according to the ideal temperature.

Install Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows

Newly built homes are 17% more effective at saving energy than old ones. Therefore, you need to renovate windows and doors that let a great amount of air into the house to save energy in your old house. If your house is not efficiently insulated, it will use a lot of energy to heat or cool during winter and summer. The cost will always go up to regulate the temperatures. Make sure the doors flush shut with the frame. Seal all your windows to reduce heating or cooling costs. Add weather strips around the windows and doors. Windows made from poor heat conductor materials such as wood are best for windows and doors. Install window wood-clad frames. Check all the openings where the cold drafts are coming in from and seal.

Use Solar-powered Water Heating System

If you still use electricity and gas to heat water in your bathroom, you are missing so much in saving your energy. Use solar energy for heating your water. The solar heater reduces monthly electricity bills by 50%-80% depending on the solar panels used. Install low-flow plumbing features. A solar-powered water heater will provide you with enough water for your shower, washing dishes, and pool.

Consider Adding Skylights

Improve your space by installing leak-proof skylight windows. You can fit the windows on the roof or vertically, depending on the shape of your house. The windows will let natural light and heat into your home at no extra energy cost to you. Just make sure you invest in the proper insulation so you don’t lose any warm air during the colder months. As an added bonus, the lighting also makes your space look bigger.

Replace High-Energy Consuming Appliances

If you are out to save energy, that will translate to more money in the bank, you need to discard your old appliances. Switch your old appliances to the new ones on the market and that will save power. Look for new and better machines with authentic energy stickers. Modern machines are made to save up to 30% of energy. So replace your old washing machine, cooker, or refrigerator with a modern one. Also, replace the traditional bulbs with LED bulbs. The LED bulbs save up to 80% more power than traditional bulbs.

When you want to renovate your home to save energy, go for energy-efficient home improvement projects with great ROI. Energy use in the U.S. is doubling every 20 years. Don’t wait to upgrade your home. If you choose the projects that fit your house, of which some are DIY, it will go a long way to save you money.