Many home remodeling options can significantly transform the energy impact of your home. Adopting energy-efficient remodeling projects helps you to reduce your utility bills for an extended period. Furthermore, using less energy in your home can help combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions. The following are energy-efficient remodeling projects you can adopt in your home.

Use Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Remodeling requires a person to examine the needs of every room. Surprisingly, 35% of remodeling entails the entire home, whereby the whole house is renovated. The kitchen is one of the main areas where energy is significantly consumed in many homes. It is common for individuals to go to the kitchen for various activities; hence, lights are usually on in most cases. Besides, many appliances in the kitchen consume energy and develop waste heat, which the air conditioner must eliminate. Therefore, you should ensure that your kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, surface, and dishwasher exhibit high energy-efficiency standards. For instance, you should purchase a refrigerator with thick, well-insulated walls since they consume less power.

Update the HVAC System

If the furnace in your residence is over five to ten years old, its likelihood of utilizing modern energy-efficient tech is very low. Therefore, you should request an HVAC contractor to upgrade the system to ensure it burns cleaner and wastes minimal heat in exhaust form. You should also ensure your house is appropriately air-sealed and insulated. This prevents your HVAC system from running very frequently. Therefore, cleaning the air ducts and ensuring that they are mechanically fit helps the system operate at optimum efficiency. Furthermore, it is a good idea to replace furnace filters to minimize backdraft.

Replace Old Windows

Typically, modern windows are designed to be more energy-efficient than old-fashioned ones. Moreover, research indicates that usage of energy in the United States doubles after every 20 years. As windows grow old, they do not perform according to their original specifications due to the development of air leaks. Therefore, replacing your old windows can reduce your utility bills and solve the issue of cold drafts in your home. This can make your house more comfortable and appealing.

Use Smart Light Controls

If you have a family with kids, it is common for the lights to remain on while nobody is in the house. Therefore, you should consider installing light controls like motion-detector switches, which can help with ensuring that the lights are only on when someone is in the house. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, it is still common to forget to switch off the lights after you leave a room. Therefore, installing smart light fixtures does matter whether you have kids or not.

Install Solar Panels

Following the above remodeling ideas can dramatically reduce your utility bills. However, it is also recommendable to produce your own solar energy to balance the power you get from the grid and adopt techniques such as using durable products, hence avoiding unnecessary costs. In 2019, engineered wood ranked highest in the market, and it accounted for over 52% of the total revenue. In some instances, it is possible to generate as much solar energy as needed in your home, independent of the power grid. Although people slowly adopted old generations of solar panels due to inefficiency and high cost, modern solar panels are less costly and produce many watts per square foot. Therefore, you can request a solar installer to visit your residence and evaluate how much money you can save by installing the panels. You may be surprised by the difference which the installation can make.

Remodeling a home can significantly increase its resale value. Besides, adopting eco-friendly remodeling projects can reduce your usual spending through minimal costs. As seen above, there are various eco-friendly renovation ideas, such as using solar panels and improving insulation, that you can undertake to enhance energy efficiency.