Thanks to Hormel for providing me with some tasty treats!

My husband and I are both workaholics. We both work two+ jobs while still managing to have somewhat of a social life. I love to have people over and throw parties as well as just hang out with friends. Of course, because we are so busy that doesn’t leave a lot of time for party preparation — especially when it comes to the snacks and appetizers.

I just love that Hormel has some ready made snack trays for us, and these came in quite handy recently as we had a birthday party last weekend and will be entertaining friends this coming weekend.

These Hormel Gatherings snack trays are just the easy way out us overachievers need. 🙂

hormel gatherings

It is so easy to just open, place all of the food into the tray, and serve. Even my kids love to snack on cheese and crackers so this is always a hit!

hormel gatherings 2


So tell us….

What is your favorite way to eat cheese and crackers?

Do you make it like a little sandwich (my fave), or do you use one cracker, one cheese, one meat (my kids fave)? Maybe you have another method — do share!