The kitchen is the most popular space in many households for a number of reasons. From being the location at which healthy meals are prepared to serving as a space for bonding with each other, there are endless things you can do in the kitchen. Have a look below at five pieces of equipment that will take your kitchen to the next level, whether it’s during the holidays or at any other time.

A Built-In Trash Can

A lot of trash is generated in the kitchen while cooking and cleaning, and this can be a headache to get out of sight efficiently. Getting a built-in trash can will change the game because once you set it up, it’s practically out of sight forever, only making an appearance when you need it and when you’re cleaning it. About 14% of homeowners in 2018 had plans to improve their kitchens, and you can bet that if they didn’t get a built-in trash can, they will be getting one shortly. It has the potential to modernize your kitchen and give it a serious boost at an affordable price.

A Tiered Spice Rack

If you enjoy cooking with spices, why not add some elegance to the way you store them by getting a tiered rack for them? There are different options on the market, all depending on what you want, how much space you want, your budget, and how many spices you need to store, among others. Have a look online at the variety so you can more easily make your decision, and you will be glad you did when you have all your spices out of sight but readily accessible when you need them. A pull-down tiered rack will make things more efficient, especially if you’re not tall enough to easily access things stored high up on shelves and in cabinets.

A Tap for Instant Hot Water

Hot water is a necessity in the kitchen, especially in colder weather, and for cleaning up extra greasy dishes. When you have an instant hot water tap, you will save the time and costs you would have incurred by boiling water on the stove or cooker in pots and pans. You can pick one with different temperature settings to make things even easier for you or anyone cleaning dishes in your kitchen. This is going to be one kitchen gadget that impresses everyone who comes across it while serving an important function for a long time to come.

Under the Counter Refrigerator Drawers

With under-the-counter refrigerator drawers, you will have an amazingly easy time compartmentalizing your cold things. For instance, you can choose to keep all your ice cream in there rather than in the main refrigerator. If you prefer gelato, which has only 25% to 30% air in the final product, unlike ice cream which has a whopping 50% of the air in it, you can also store it there. You can do it the other way around if you prefer, storing frozen vegetables in the refrigerator drawers and drinks, gelato, popsicles, and the like in the main fridge.

An Air Fryer

Finally, there is a good reason for all the rave that’s been going around concerning air fryers. They can cook different foods in a healthy way and save you a lot of time while doing so. If you have enough space on your kitchen counters, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t get one. You can even get two, and gift a loved one the second one so they can finally put together all those healthy recipes they’ve been collecting!

There’s definitely a must-have or two for you in the list above, so think about improving your kitchen and making it the envy of everyone who visits you.