Whether your child is off to Kindergarten for the first time, heading off to college, or anywhere in between; we’ve made a list of essential items to help you navigate the high waters of back to school shopping. Check out these essential items you’ll find on most teachers’ back to school lists!

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Now check out all our grade level recommendations, as well as a few extras!


Kindergarten and beyond! It is unimaginable the emotions you feel taking your little one to their first day of kindergarten. Although, I cannot help you with the tears, I can at least help you be prepared, and rest assured your child will have what he/she needs. Sorry moms, those tears may continue well throughout elementary school right into graduation day.



Middle/High School

Your baby is growing up! Give that grown up attitude some grown up supplies — don’t forget a phone for those late night sporting events, and *gasp* for when they finally get their license and you need to check in.

Off to College!

Let the tears flow again, yesterday you were changing diapers, today you are sending your baby to live SOMEWHERE ELSE! Not to fear, you can send your college student off in style, and provide them with a few things to help them keep in touch — as if!


Don’t forget to get your son/daughter an Amazon Prime Student membership for any additional items they may need!
Amazon Prime – Student And they can also get discount textbooks! Textbooks – Buy, Sell, Rent

Back to School Fashion

Back to school shoe shopping, the worst shopping of them all, until now! Also, some socks and other essentials.

And of course some super cute clothes!

Supplying your locker:


Lunch Box Essentials