Our youngest, now just over five months, is getting more mobile by the day. She can roll over both front and back, and soon she is going to be on the move — crawling! After crawling we all know walking isn’t far off. With this added mobility some additional concerns are presented. I know our home is nowhere near ready for a mobile baby (where does the time go?).

My husband and I have been limited on time but we really need to get our home ready for a curious baby. For us that means focusing on one ‘yes’ area in our home where she is free to roam and do as she pleases, while the rest of the home is closely monitored and ‘baby proofed’. In our home this safe area will be her bedroom.

We also have some concerns for our older children (4, and 7) who are on the second floor of our house. It has always bothered me that their windows are very low and a fall from them is straight to the ground. A mesh window guard is one thing we need to get installed pronto.


So Why Baby Proof?

Baby Proofing, also known as Child Proofing, is essential once your baby starts crawling and exploring your home. You want to ensure your child has a safe environment in which injuries can be minimized, and a place where they are not exposed to dangerous household chemicals or sharp objects. Babies will put almost anything in their mouth so you want to be sure that all small objects are moved out of their reach or locked in cabinets they cannot access.

While I do feel it is essential to have a ‘yes’ place in your home where nothing is off limits — perhaps the baby’s room or a designated area that is gated off — you do need to make sure the other areas of your home are secure and a place where baby cannot be harmed inadvertently.

How to Baby Proof

Everyone’s home is different and will require a unique approach for the different types of areas you have in your home, however, there is a general guideline you can follow to make sure you have certain areas as safe as they can be. Here is a free printable you can download so you can go through your own home and make sure your space is as safe as it can be! This printable was made in collaboration with KidSafe Home Safety Products.

Click the picture to download this FREE three page printable!

baby proofing checklist

So tell us….

What were/are your biggest concerns when it comes to baby proofing your home?  Do you have any additional suggestions?




This checklist is just for reference.  It may not cover all the child safety issues in your home or with your child.  Childproofing does not take the place of proper adult supervision.
This post has been sponsored by KidSafe Home Safety Products, all opinions are my own.