We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t all dreamt of a home without any restraints on spending. A Cotswold’s country cottage with built in cinema? A top notch townhouse with a basement bowling alley? However, in these economically trying times, sometimes it makes sense to renovate our homes rather than up sticks and move, when it comes living a life of luxury.

furnished homeNothing says extravagant living then impressive signature accessories.

Imagine Parisian-style large rugs, greeting you on the ground floor. While the hallways are laced with lavish curios, over-sized ornate mirrors and jeweled frames. All hung and strategically placed. The office houses a pristine a white coffee table in a wood and chrome finish. And the living spaces are dressed with elegant lamps while a vintage, French style armchair makes for a great conversation starter in the kitchen.

From plush leather sofas, to chandelier focal points, statement pieces create engaging dynamic, add rich depth and are by far the most visually compelling when creating an extravagant mini mansion from the inside, out.

Don’t just stop at upholstery statement pieces, think of bringing the outdoors in, you’ll be spoiled for choice. A collection of silver containers filled with white arrangements as table toppings, or golden yellow ranunculus in tall white ceramic vases to brighten up window sills. Both are visually compelling when it comes to extravagant living. Exceed what is usually appropriate. The beauty with flowers when trying to be extravagant is that you can go as elaborate and as flamboyant as you like and your home will always come up smelling of roses.

Go glamorous with home décor.

The rich and famous have high ceilings, create the same effect. It could be a little too expensive to invest in stunning architecture seen in L.A mansions. So hang your curtains high and hang them proud, for a cheap trick of elongating your walls. Go bright and bold and be courageous with colours for an unexpected and subtle splashes of extravagance. A feature wall here or a bright cushion there can add sophistication to a dull or boring room. For interior that will be the envy of your friends combine contrasting textures. Satin cushions on leather sofas or unfinished brick next to glass furnishings. Your home will not only look expensive but the differing textures will feel great on the touch of your fingertips too.

large rugFor the piece de resistance, a bedroom larger than life for the little prince or princess. Outdo their wildest fantasy. A princess castle loft bed with complete pink draped curtains and fluffy cloud pillows. For him a tree house way up high. Walls decorated with tree branch stickers and faux grass carpet to complete the forgotten forest. Even the dog can live in extravagance with his own puppy pad, mansion design.



This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35