Have you heard…. Fanny Foozle lives in the town of Flamboozle where the families are friendly and the ice cream is blue.

You had me at ice cream, but seriously this fun story is great for kids, and a wonderful app for preschoolers.

Fanny Foozle

Fanny Foozle is a free downloadable app that you can get from either the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. It is an ebook app where you follow the story of Fanny, the town of Framboozle, and all the fun and mishaps that happen. Did you know that the Four Leaf Fantukle blooms its fantastic flower once a year, but only if everyone is in good cheer?

Fanny Foozle

In the app, there is the option of reading the story on your own (great for my son who is learning to read), or having the book read by the narrator (who does a wonderful job telling the story). Once you finish the story, there is a fun memory game you can play, which I think is a great added bonus to give the kids an extra reason to read the story!

My daughter has been using this app in the backseat of our car and loves it. The story keeps her attention, and the illustrations are great. The only thing I don’t like is the limited amount of games available on the android app. I peeked at the iphone app and it seems to have more options (although I could be wrong as I don’t own any apple products).

Overall, great app for kids and one that is not only fun, but provides a little learning as well.

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