To keep winter lips looking happy and healthy, ChapStick has some amazing seasonal flavors, and I had the opportunity to try out three of them for myself!

ChapStick seasonal flavors

Apple Cider, Chocolate Truffle, and the popular Candy Cane flavors are three limited edition flavors that will leave your lips mistletoe ready!

These three seasonal flavors are available now, and are perfect for stocking stuffers!

ChapStick has even taken the hassle out of gift wrapping with a convenient gift tag on the back of each package! Attach them to a gift, or drop in a stocking….speaking of stockings, what do you think of the one I decorated up above? Snowmen are my favorite and I just had to give that plain old stocking a little snowman love!

Be sure to check out all the flavors on the Chapstick Facebook page!

What does The Mommy Bunch think of the Chapstick seasonal flavors?

I am definitely a ChapStick kinda gal. I don’t do lipstick or lipgloss, so when I heard about these new flavors I was excited to try them out!

The Candy Cane and Apple Cider are by far my favorites! The Chocolate Truffle is okay, but it tastes kind of like a tootsie roll, and I really don’t like tootsie rolls. The Apple Cider flavor has just the right amount of seasonal spice flavor, and the Candy Cane gifts you a nice minty blast! 

At first I thought the Candy Cane flavor was going to be a tad too strong, but once I had it on for a few minutes I just loved it!  

One of my friends tried out the Apple Cider flavor for herself (don’t worry, she used her finger to apply it and we didn’t share germs), and as soon as she had it on her lips she told me she was going to go get some because she really liked it!

As far as keeping my lips moist, they are doing a great job. I reapply as necessary as I normally do with any ChapStick, but my lips feel very soft and not chapped at all.



Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own. The ChapStick® product and  information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.