First Foods for Babies Learning to Chew

If you have a baby learning to chew, you may be wondering what types of foods you can offer your child. I have been through the teething, biting everything, and ‘when do I start giving him food’ stage four times now. My recent post, Great Finger Food for Teething Babies, gives lots of options for a child who is already starting to feed themselves with chunkier foods, but before you get to that stage what else can you offer? 

What Foods Can You Offer A Baby Learning to Chew?

To play it safe, stick with really soft foods that you know they can handle. If you want to add in a few ‘chunks’ here and there to give your baby practice chewing, the Gerber Lil’ Bits are an excellent choice. They offer the familiarity of baby food purees, with little soft chunks of food that your baby can handle. 

Offer Real Food, Bite Sized. 

We love to eat oatmeal in our house but in order to give the baby a little extra practice at chewing, we top it with the Gerber Lil’ Bits Sweet Potato Apple Carrot And Cinnamon. He gets practice mashing up the chunks and gets to try out different tastes and textures. A win-win!


He was really enjoying digging into this combination, and learning to use the spoon!



What types of foods do you offer your baby learning to chew?


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  • March 31, 2017 at 4:35 am
    They learn also to bite and chew when they play with toys in their mouths and become skilled with lumpy food textures. Most infants have their first experience with textures in the mouth when they feel shape, texture, size and temperature as they put their fingers, objects, and toys in their mouths. Reply

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