We talk a lot about parenting around here. From pregnancy to caring for baby’s teeth, to taking some mom time in order to recharge, or even feeling like a failure on occasion. There isn’t much we haven’t talked about when it comes to parenting, including the things that happen to your body after the fact. So it is any surprise when I ask you to share YOUR formula for parenting? 

It’s no secret that most parents are busy. Heck, most people are busy in general but throw a few kids into the mix and you have a recipe for never getting a great night’s sleep again and very few minutes to yourself. So how do busy parents manage it all? Is there a way to get in family time, work time, and a little ‘me’ time? 

So what is your secret formula for parenting since we know it is different for everyone?

My Secret Formula

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Okay, I’m sure we’ve all heard this before, but it’s true. It’s all small stuff, and will it really matter 20 years from now if the drawer of Dvd’s all got pulled out while you were loading the washing machine (happened this morning – true story)?

Probably not, so why fret about it now causing your child to feel bad when instead you could have a nice moment together cleaning it up (teaching skills for future), picking out a movie to watch for later (fun family time), and not getting yourself all worked up (self-control — I’m still working on this daily).

There Is No Such Thing As Perfect

Perfect mom, perfectly clean house, perfect kids — are you trying to set yourself up for failure? I sure know that in my house it is a struggle to balance it all, and more days than not there is a basket of clean clothes sitting there just waiting for me to give them some attention. Yeah, sometimes other things are just more important — like quality time with the kids since I will never get this time with them back.

Formula For Parenting

It’s Okay To Feel Overwhelmed

It’s okay to be real and sift through the barrage of social media expectations. We need to get past the idea that if we never did one more thing on any of our Pinterest boards we’d still be good enough. We’d still be an awesome mom. 

And it’s okay that if we have so many things on our plate that some days we just want to sit and have a good cry. Do it. Let yourself have moments where you just let go, moments where you leave the house without kids and go do something for yourself. You need it. We all need it as parents.

Enjoy Your Kids

You only get these moments when they are young for a short while. Spend time doing what your kids want to do, really learn about their interests and experience it with them in the midst of making them do their chores (we do give a few chores around here and everyone is expected to chip in) and get their homework done. Be there for them and connect with them. If they can trust that you will be there for them when they are young, they will be much more likely to come to you when they are teenagers and really need you.

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