Most of you who read The Mommy Bunch know that for the last six months I have been taking part in the Savvy Saver program through Verizon Wireless. Recently, they sent me a Motorola Droid Razr M to try out; and while I will be providing you will a full review of all the things I just love about this phone, right now I wanted to take the time to tell you some of the things I have enjoyed so far with the Verizon service.

When I say I know my phone service, I really mean I know my phone service.  I used to be an employee for CellularOne, which was then bought out by AT&T; which means by default I became an AT&T employee.  I had the CellularOne/AT&T service the entire time I worked there, which was roughly just over six years.  After graduating from college and leaving the company, I decided I was also going to switch service providers.

I tried a couple of providers before finally settling on Verizon.  I have had Verizon for about two years now and there is just so much I love about the service that I don’t even know where to start.  Let me break it down into a few main things for you:

  • 4G LTE Service! 
    • Yes, other providers claim to have this great service and lots of coverage, but with Verizon, you actually DO get great service and coverage!
    • In the small town where I live you cannot get service at all with AT&T (I know this because of having the service previously), but with Verizon I have no issues at all.  My service is always on and always working great.  (On my trip to/from work there is a small area where no service providers work, you are basically in a fishbowl;  but on occasion I have been able to keep a call the whole time without dropping it, lol)  
    • I have made more trips to Chicago this year than I care to mention, and each trip is about a five hour car ride.  I have yet to find a place where my Verizon service hasn’t worked.  
    • My parents live about 3-4 hours away (depending on who is driving, lol).  Streaming videos in a long car ride is a lifesaver when you have small kids traveling with you!  Mobile Hotspot to the rescue! 
  • Customer Service
    • I’ve never really had any issues that I’ve needed to call in about, but the one time I did call was to get credit for the refer a friend program because it hadn’t been applied to my bill.  Verizon customer service took care of adding my credit and there were no issues.
    • If you do have an issue with your phone or your service, or just have a question to ask, you can pop right on twitter and talk to Verizon Support at @VerizonSupport.  Any time I have asked a question they have been very quick to reply!
  • Online Support
    • I’m sure all cellphone companies have varied versions of online support and services they offer through their website, but I have found the verizonwireless site to be second to none.  
    • Not only can you very easily pay your bill online, but you can check your usage on your sms, phone, and data.  Here is an example of what this looks like. I actually don’t have any usage since this is my personal account and I’ve been using the account provided by Verizon over the last month.  


    • If you are going over on anything, you simply click a button to upgrade your plan and avoid any overage charges.  Want to lower you plan?  No problem, just pick what works for you and do everything online!


    • The website also knows which device you have, and even shows you how to use it, or just use it better!  Since this is my personal account it knows I have a Droid X, once I switch it over to my new Droid Razr M that is what will show up online.

  • Contests!
    • So this perk is really open to anyone, but I can’t resist a good contest and the chance to win great prizes!
    • Verizon actually has a great contest going on right now!   You have until Nov. 9 to enter for your chance to win tickets to Super Bowl XLVII!    Take a look below and click the picture for more details! 

Needless to say, after my time with the Savvy Saver program is over I will definitely be continuing my service with Verizon Wireless!  I just love that I always have lightning fast service, and if need be, a mobile hotspot at my fingertips so I can use any of my other wireless devices as well!  


Written by Jesica H.

Disclosure:  I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Savers program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.