Free $8 at Kmart – What will you get?

Who couldn’t use $8 towards school supplies, new wardrobes or special something’s!


Shop Your Way will pay you up to $8 for creating a back to school catalog full of items you still need to grab before the big day!

Or simply fill it with all the items you crave

What an easy way to get $8 off something you have maybe been wishing for, for awhile!

To take advantage, first become my client HERE

After I have become your personal shopper click on this link to create your catalog.

Then follow the steps below to get your points.

•Earn $5 in points (5,000 points) when you create a Back to School catalog with five Back to School items.
•Earn $2 in points (2,000 points) for sharing three Back to School products.
•Earn $1 in points (1,000 points) for rating Back to School products.

Once you have your points redeem it on something like these awesome backpacks – and get it completely FREE! Just search backpacks and sort from lowest to highest price and see what you can find.

shop your way

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