Bring out the coffee…mugs!

The past mornings have been a chilling surprise of cool, crisp air, making it time to bring out the coffee pot!

What type of brew or flavor do you like to kick start your day?

Do you have a favorite coffee cup?

What does your coffee cup say about you? Are you dull and boring, or bright and creative?

Let’s face it,  you carry that cup around for a bit in the morning like it is an extension of your hand. Shouldn’t that extension give people a heads up to the person they are about to encounter:-) Are you a grumpy grump or a chattering bird? Maybe a slow starter, or already whizzing through your morning at top speed. Let the design on your cup be a warning/caution to others. Signify the type of person you are (or pretending to be).

Secondly, use your mug to help steer your day onto the correct path! Put your hand on the right cup, in ways of speaking.   Wouldn’t you like a hip, bright mug to create the perfect harmony to start your day? Or perhaps, a picture of your children, or grandchildren to start your day with a smile and comforting thoughts.

If coffee jump starts your day, let your cup help too!

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