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If you ask me what takes the longest when I’m working on a craft project, my answer would not be designing, cutting materials on my Cricut, assembly, or really anything to do with actually making said project. Nope. The thing that always takes me the longest is choosing a font!

There are plenty of free fonts on the market, and the struggle to choose just the right one is real. I could literally sit and scroll through possible font options for an hour before I’ve realized that half my crafting time has gone up in smoke! Anyone else? I know I can’t be the only one who does this.

In my struggle to find fonts, I also have to keep in mind that if I’m going to be selling my crafts in person or online, the fonts have to have a commercial use license.

So Where Can You Get Free Fonts With A Commerical Use License?

If you are like me, you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to. Running a business is hard enough and the expenses can really start to add up. Buying a font every time you come up with a new design could start to eat into your bottom line.

Luckily, Font Bundles has commercial use fonts free for you to download and use! I’ve been downloading fonts and designs from Font Bundles for ages and I’m always impressed with the selection and quality.

Image: Font Bundles

How To Upload Fonts To Your Computer

So you’ve downloaded a free font for commercial use and now you aren’t quite sure how to access it. No worries, it’s a pretty simple process.

Extract the files.

First, you’ll need to find the folder where you saved your downloaded font and extract the files. This may be in your downloads folder unless you chose a specific place to save your files. Just right-click and hit extract all.

Copy the font file to your system settings.

Once you’ve extracted the files, you’ll need to add the font file to your computer’s font folder. On a Windows computer, you can simply type “font” in the search bar of your computer and the Font System Settings option should appear.

Now all you have to do is drag and drop the font file from the folder you had extracted it to and input it into your system fonts. Make sure you are dragging/copying the OTF or TTF file and not the pdf. (OTF is a little more robust so I usually choose that one.)

And that’s it. You now have the font on your computer and it is available to use in any program you’d like. Whether you are typing a Word document, designing in Cricut Design Space, or creating a PowerPoint the font should show up in your list of system fonts available to use.

Beautiful Designs Start With A Great Font

No matter what you are designing, choosing a great font can set you apart. I quickly threw together a few birthday cards with a font that fits just right for each!

This darling card uses the Heilig, Tatima, and Candy Lane font from Font Bundles.
This fun and whimsical birthday card uses the Candy Lane and the Cinnamon Sticks fonts.
This is a card I’m designing in Cricut Design Space. The font is Playful Jake, and the recipient is going to love it!

If you want to grab your own free fonts, head over to Font Bundles and download your favorites today!