Shop with Jesica, ship to store, and then…. IN VEHICLE PICK UP?

Well what will they think of next?! They must have had me in mind, when they created this! They know, as a mom, I have a million things to do, and sometimes taking two children into the store with me is more than a task and a half! Now if only they could get the Post Office to have a drive through, I would be all set!


One more way to SHOP YOUR WAY, into a great experience!

In Vehicle Pick Up – It’s easy!rfp_phone

  1. Download the latest version of the Shop Your WaySM app and sign in. (Under the app’s settings, make sure that “Location Services” is turned on.)
  2. Once you receive your “Ready For Pickup” email, drive to the store and pull into one of the In-Vehicle Pickup reserved parking spaces, located outside of the Merchandise Pickup area. Be sure to bring your photo ID and the payment method used for your purchase.
  3. Use the Shop’in feature on your Shop Your Way app to initiate In-Vehicle Pickup—this will let us know you’re ready!
  4. A Sears associate will bring your item(s) out to you in 5 minutes or less—or you’ll receive a $5 coupon, good for your next in-store purchase.
  5. *In-Vehicle Pickup is a member exclusive service and is available for all items eligible for Store Pickup, with the exception of fine jewelry. In-Vehicle Pickup is available at all Sears full-line stores. Sears Auto Centers, Sears Hometown, and Sears Outlet do not apply.

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