Every year, we have to put our creativity to task in the hope of coming up with amazing Mother’s Day gifts. This day is a day to celebrate the women who have shaped our lives in one way or the other. Often, people gravitate towards conventional gifts and will go out of their way in their show of affection. However, funny Mother’s Day gift ideas will have just about the same effect, and many moms may appreciate a little laugh instead of the same thing every year. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Take a peek at these four fun Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Breakfast in bed

This special woman has spent a considerable chunk of her life catering to other people’s needs. She was the one to pick you up when you fell, nurse you back to health, protect you from the world, and so on. This year, make things different by taking up the role of caregiver. Wake up early and cook the things she loves the most.

If she loves snacks from a given restaurant, in particular, get them for her. This action will pave the way for an amazing Mother’s Day. It also provides you with an opportunity to gift her with what you had in mind. If she enjoys reading, you can give her a good book, allowing her to curl up in bed and read all day. You have got this!

Edible Flowers

It is standard that most women receive a lovely bouquet on this special day. It would thus follow that you might also have this gift in mind. However, this year, you should add a twist to the flowers. You see, when you hand your mom the flowers, all she can do is appreciate their beauty. She reaches for a vase, stuffs them inside, and leaves them on display. That’s about as much as she can do besides take a picture of them.

How about if she could eat the flowers? That means that she could appreciate them both in taste and aesthetics. Get her a dessert shaped like one of her favorite flowers. Can you picture the look on her face when you present her with chocolate-covered roses? She can eat them, stare at them, take photos of them, and enjoy them in every imaginable way.

If you are into DIY, there are tons of desserts that you could present in this form. All you need is some time and access to numerous online recipes.

A Spa Date

What does everyone need after years of carrying the burden of other people’s needs? A break! We all need a break now and then. And while we cannot pack up and leave at a moment’s notice, we can take the day off. Give your mom or your wife a well-deserved break by booking her a spa day. She can let go of the hassles of life and surrender to a day of pampering. As she inhales the essential oils and feels the hot stones on her back, she will feel at peace. The session should leave her feeling renewed and ready to take on what the day throws at her. 

Bath Salts

She cannot always get a spa day as often as she wishes, but she can pamper herself from the comfort of her home. You can make this possible by getting her some bath salts and scented candles. Whenever the pressures begin to pile up, she can hit pause and soak in the bath. This relief will go a long way in helping her live up to her potential. Think of ways through which her bath time can feel more special to her. Even a plush robe will do a lot to put a smile on her face.

And of course, after all of this end the day by taking her out for a nice dinner or whip up a great meal at home.

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