Winters can be long and boring when you don’t fill the time with fun activities. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do both indoors and outdoors with your kids. Here are some ideas to keep your kids occupied this winter!

Play Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-end building block game for children for PC and consoles. Minecraft is easy to access, and educators and programmers recommend the game. It allows kids to build tools, buildings, and vehicles. They can explore the game at their own pace. They face challenges in the game and learn from their mistakes. It gives kids a chance to be creative by exploring cave systems in the game or building homes, towns, and cities.

Overall, it’s a good digital game for kids to play online during the long winter months. It can be set up to be played solo or with other family members and friends. When the game is played with others, it teaches cooperation and critical thinking skills. This game teaches math skills because children need to calculate the cost of materials and measure when building. It has been rated as a good game to play for children ages seven and up. Over 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since 2020.

Visit an Indoor Pool

In 2021, the swimming pool industry has grown by 25.1%, and for good reason. Visiting an indoor pool in your area this winter with your kids is a good way to have some fun and get some exercise. Pools are safe because they treat the water with chlorine. Select a local pool that is not too crowded and practices safety measures. Many communities have a local YMCA, YWCA, or schools with indoor pools that are open to the public at certain times. The pools are usually heated in wintry weather and comfortable to swim in. Many local pools offer swimming lessons for kids of all ages. Your kids can learn to float in the water and use different styles of swimming.

Make Up Some Games to Play at Home

Designing a game at home can spur kids’ imagination and creativity. You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your kids happy. In fact, overspending has put the average American $38,000 in debt. When designing a game write down the purpose of the game and the rules needed to play it. Let your children and their friends participate as a group. Ask yourself what equipment do you need to play the game, and will it be indoors or outdoors? Evaluate the game and play it and after making changes based on what the kids say.

Design a board game at home by writing out ideas on paper. What type of game will you design: fantasy, adventure, trivia, money, and power, or another category? Design the game similar to other board games your kids enjoy playing. There are many online resources for building and designing a game board online.

Get Outdoors for Winter Activities

Despite the chilly winter, it is a chance to get outdoors. You can walk in parks, on hiking trails, in your neighborhood, and enjoy being in nature. Many towns and cities have walking paths, parks, and safe areas to walk near your home. Try local ice skating rinks that offer skate rentals, lessons, and public hours. You can buy used ice skates online and many brands are inexpensive and affordable.

When it snows, kids can build a snowman or snow animals, decorate trees with ornaments, and hang popcorn for animals on a string to eat. They can learn to shovel snow and help clear the pathways and steps at home.

Perform Winter Science Experiments

There are many winter science experiments and online sites to check out. Science experiments should be supervised by adults and safety practiced. Winter Sparks has a variety of fun winter experiments for kids. Some experiments include Winter Volcanoes, Frozen Bubbles, Polar Animals, and Ice Experiments. Many science experiments use inexpensive everyday materials. Experiments will teach your kids to think and analyze facts.

Keeping your kids active with different activities during the winter is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. Try out some of the activities above this winter!