When making home upgrades, it’s good to not only think about aesthetics but function as well. If you can adopt positive habits that are in line with making the upgrades count, you will be on your way to a healthy, efficient way of living. Have a look at five home upgrades below that you need to consider in order to make decisions that will see you getting more out of your home each day.

The Outdoors

Your outdoor space has many possibilities when it comes to functional upgrades. You could set up an entertainment spot outdoors to make it easier to entertain guests, especially if you get a large number of guests or you have guests that simply prefer to stay outside. You could add lights so it’s more welcoming to sit outdoors, and a fire-pit if you don’t already have one. You could also install a fence, something that will give you a return on investment of up to 65%. Paint it or make it chic and unique, and you will enhance your privacy in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that could use a well-planned upgrade if you have anything that you’re not comfortable with. A few upgrade ideas include adding an island if you don’t have one, as it could help you adopt healthy habits like sharing meals while talking as a family. You could also add storage by introducing more shelves and cabinets if you have room, or simply revamp the existing ones. This will give the kitchen a sure facelift at a low cost, and it may even inspire your family to spend more time together.

The Roof

Your roof protects your property and the inhabitants of your house from extreme weather conditions, so you should treat it with care as an important part of your house. If it’s at the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading it to a more aesthetically pleasing one that’s recyclable as a plus. Stone-coated roofing, for example, is fully recyclable and lightweight at a mere 1.4 lbs per sq ft. It also has Class 4 hail impact resistance as well as a Class A fire rating, making it a great option as far as roofing goes.

The Windows

If you don’t have modern, energy-efficient windows, this is one upgrade you should consider making. It will see you spend less money on energy as energy-efficient windows are designed to keep the temperatures indoors relatively stable and unaffected by those outdoors. This will help you adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle as you use less energy to keep your house warm or cool as necessary. Speak with your local contractor to find out the options available for you so you can come up with a budget if you want to successfully deal with this upgrade.

Your Garage

The final upgrade is of your garage. Whether you do a complete overhaul and declutter so you can paint and organize it or you change the door and some other key points of the garage, this is a good upgrade to think about. The garage can be used as a space for working on your projects and hobbies, a space to store extra or bulky items, or even a place for your children to play. An upgraded garage has the potential to improve your houses’ curbside appeal, which is why it’s is a good idea for an upgrade you could make. Getting a new garage door opener can help you save electricity, making your house more energy-efficient. This is because modern openers have been found to use about 75% less power when compared with older systems.

When the upgrading bug finally bites, make the most of your time and money by settling on a project that will give you great returns. Plan it out before you begin to avoid getting stuck halfway or running out of motivation after you begin.