We all know that besides actually watching the game (and the commercials), the Super Bowl is all about the food. Have great food and you’ll have a great party. So to help you prepare for the Big Game on February 2, Hormel Foods has partnered with football and entertaining expert Leigh Anne Tuohy (the inspiration behind the hit film The Blind Side) to share her top entertaining tips and create recipes for a few game-day favorites. And now I get to share these amazing tips and recipes with you!

Leigh Anne is the quintessential super fan: she tailgates at nearly every Ole Miss home game, attends almost all Baltimore Ravens home games (to support her son, offensive tackle Michael Oher), and she hosts parties to watch the Big Game with friends and family most years (when they’re not attending the game in person!).

With such a passion for pigskin, she’s develop quite a few entertaining tips for hosting football-related gatherings, and wanted to share her best advice with you as you prepare to celebrate in a few weeks. Here are her top five:

1. Always smile. Don’t let you guests know you are stressed – bring a smile and remember it’s not what you do for someone, it’s what they think you do for them!

2. Delegate! People are always asking how they can help, so give everyone something to do. Even if it is something as simple as pouring the wine or putting napkins on the table, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

3. Tailgating means potluck in the south. Let everyone brings something – but have some guidelines. (Maybe have a theme to your party.) It gives people the opportunity to be creative and it lightens the load on you!

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. My mother always taught me if you have friends, great lighting, and good music then you have a party. Use old Christmas tree lights for lighting, plug in your IPhone for instant music, and use cut flowers from your backyard for decoration. You will be amazed how pretty it looks and how simple it can be.

5. Plan ahead. Do what you can the night before. Have everything in containers and ready to go – you may not always have much time to prepare before a game, and you want to enjoy as much time as you can with friends and family!

In addition to these tips, Leigh Anne has developed several tried-and-true game-day favorites — perfect whether you’re watching with just your family or feeding a crowd. Here are several of our top picks:

Spicy Chili Dip – This chip-friendly appetizer takes chili dip to the next level with a kick of CHI- CHI’S® salsa and HORMEL® LITTLE SIZZLERS® pork sausage links.

Ham it Up – Friends and family will be impressed with this delicious hot sandwich, featuring Swiss cheese and HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® cooked deli ham – perfect for a satisfying entrée.

Cheesy Loaf – This half-time favorite features French bread and a tasty combination of CHI- CHI’S® diced green chilies, cream cheese and HORMEL® CURE 81®chopped ham, and can be enjoyed alone or served with chips.



So tell us…

What is your favorite Game Day recipe?



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