Have you ever wanted to try Photoshop just to see what is like, but are not ready to shell out the money that is on the hefty price tag?

Are you more of a hobbyist that would love to play around with the software, but really don’t have the funds to justify it?

Guess what??

I have good…no, awesome news for you!

You can now download the entire Adobe Creative Suite 2 for FREE!

That’s right… FREE!

I first heard about this from my husband, who reads CNET occasionally, and he sent me the link knowing that I have been looking for some good photo editing software (since I too don’t want to dish out the funds quite yet).

I do have CS3 on my home computer (on our desktop), but my laptop has nothing and I’d really like to be able to edit on the go.

Thank you to my husband for finding this for me, now if only I had someone to teach me how to actually use it!   😀

Understanding Adobe Creative Suite

If you are not sure what all the products are that come in CS2, check out this post on wikipedia that explains them all and what they do: Adobe Creative Suite (don’t feel bad if you don’t know, I had to ask my husband what half of this stuff was for).

Some highlights include:

  • Adobe Acrobat (create pdf files)
  • Adobe After Effects (for film production)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (video editing software)
  • Adobe Illustrator (a vector graphics editor)
  • Plus much much more!

Download Adobe Creative Suite 2

Click here to go to the download page: Adobe Creative Suite 2