You and I both know that having a sick kid is no fun, but when that child refuses to take their needed medication — boss negotiating skills are put to the test.

Instead of trying to sweet talk your stubborn child into taking the medicine that they already know tastes horrendous, try some of these hacks to get your kids to take their medicine. Internet mom tested and approved.

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Remove The Bottom of the Bottle

This mom had a hard time getting her baby to take some medication, that is until she realized a little bottle switcheroo did the trick!

A Spoonful of… Lollipop!

I’m not sure why I never thought of this. My kids jump at any chance they get to have candy, and I’d bet not even medicine coated candy would deter them.

Make Candy Drops

Yes, this is just like it sounds. But hey, if you have a sick kid then perhaps they deserve a little treat and you deserve not to have to fight with them all afternoon about getting in that dose of medication.

Tip found here.

Mix With A Little Juice or Soda

This tip has always been hit or miss with my kids because they’ve realized that sometimes the medication changes the flavor of the beverage a little too much for their liking.

We don’t normally allow soda in our house, though, so it can be a good tactic to get them to drink their medicine if they think they are getting a treat.

If you use this method just be careful that you put a very small amount of the beverage into a cup along with the medicine. Just remember, your child will have to drink every last drop to get a full dose of the medication you put in there.

Use Chocolate Syrup!

A classic go-to trick. A teaspoon of chocolate syrup to the liquid medication is a great way to get your child to take their medicine. The syrup is very good at disguising bad tastes and your kids think they are getting an awesome treat!

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