There are all sorts of tips on getting your car ready for winter in Wisconsin and around the country, but what about getting your car ready for summer?

If you’ve been thinking about some sun-drenched driving, here’s how to make sure you’re ready to take your vehicle out once the weather warms up.

Check Your Tires

In cold weather climates, you usually need to add a little air to your tires as the colder air causes your tires to lose pressure. Be sure to recheck the pressure once it starts warming up. 

In addition, be sure to inspect the rubber for any bubbles on the sidewalls, uneven wear, or visible wear bars. If you see any of those, replace the tire. 

Check Your Brakes

We all tend to drive slower on frost covered roads, especially with a fresh coat of snow. In the winter, your brakes see a great deal of abuse.

If you are mechanically included, remove your wheels to do a brake inspection. Make sure that their edges aren’t crumbling or heavily discolored and that your brake rotors or drums have no significant cracking. If you’re not ready to do this on your own, hit up a mechanic to help you out. 

Get A Car Wash

If you’ve lived in a cold weather climate for any amount of time, you know winter takes a toll on every part of your car. Everything from your brake lines to your engine gets blasted by a constant barrage of salt, ice, water, sand, and general filth. 

Use a high-pressure washer and good quality cleansers to give your car the washing it deserves. You want to get rid of salt and trapped sand that could potentially cause problems. 

Check Your Oil

Just a quick look at the dipstick can tell you if there are any problems. If the oil on the stick is a pleasant shade of amber and goes to the fill mark, you are fine. If it’s amber but low, be sure to add more oil. If it’s black and yucky… change your oil ASAP!

Check All Other Fluids

Be sure all the fluids that help keep your vehicle operational and comfortable are at the proper level. Fluids to check include coolant (in your radiator), automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid (you may have to eyeball this one).

Fix The Little Things

It’s worth your time to fix the little issues that don’t affect your car’s performance but are essentially a nuisance. Whether you’ve accidentally ripped your windshield wiper when it was frozen to your windshield, or the trunk light doesn’t come on anymore… a functional car is more satisfying to drive and it’s pretty easy to take care of these little fixes. 




Thanks to Lynch Chevrolet Mukwonago for providing these useful tips!