When reviewing a movie for kids, I find it is often useful to actually ask the kids what they thought of it since my opinions may vary from theirs. In Ghostbusters Answer The Call, this is quite true.

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Ghostbusters Answer The Call – Movie Review


I won’t make any bones about it, this movie is not really my kind of movie, however, if you ask the kids — it was one of the best movies ever. Yep, they loved it. 

The Wert Family Review

Kaphen: I like the GB because they try and save the day from all the ghosts, my favorite ghost is Slimer because he eats a lot and is very slimy!!!

Kyler: I like it because of the marshmallow guy and when they sucked him up and he went into pieces. Ghostbusters was kinda scary and I didn’t’ watch the whole thing. I like that all the ghosts came out of and went into a giant black hole. When Slimer drove the car it was super funny.

Stephen (adult viewpoint): The big thing to remember about this movie is it is not a sequel it’s a re-boot, meaning they pretended like this is first. Everyone will want to compare it to the original, if you can get past the comparison it is a very good movie.  It is a very funny and entertaining, and perhaps not suitable for all children.  The ghosts were bright and well represented and the all female cast was a fun and interesting change. I look forward to a sequel!

The Helgren Family Review

Isabella: I thought the movie was good. It was funny when the ghosts were driving around.

Austin: “Can we watch Ghostbusters again? Can we watch Ghostbusters?” This has been on repeat for several weeks. I think it is safe to say he loves it. 

Jesica (adult viewpoint): I agree with Stephen that it is not a sequel so you do have to look at it from fresh eyes, however, it just wasn’t a movie I particularly enjoyed. I found the story dry, lacking depth, and just plain silly. I did really like the cameos from the original cast, though. I’m probably the only one in the family who actually realized this, but I enjoyed that bit. 

Final Thoughts on Ghostbusters Answer The Call

Stephen: As with any movie, you need to know your audience (kids) to know how well they will handle a “scary” movie. Our oldest is 7, but he is all about Goosebumps, and mysteries and especially likes the Ghostbuster movie.   

Jesica: Again, I agree with Stephen on this point. My oldest two (9 and 7) loved this movie, but they love “scary” type movies like Goosebumps and things with witches, etc. My 2yr old was not a fan at all, and she said it was too scary and didn’t want to watch any more. 

Ghostbusters Answer The Call Synopsis

Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.


I did have some fun with the movie though, and got to BOO some friends with a fun little gift basket. 



Thanks to MPRM communications for a copy of this movie to review, and a fun boo-it-forward kit. All opinions are my own.