Did you know that about 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee or more every day (Food & Wine)? And that percentage seems to be going up every year. That means it’s likely someone on your list will appreciate a gift to help them take their coffee love up a notch! Being a coffee drinker myself, I’ve got the perfect gift ideas to treat the coffee lover in your life.

Top Gift Ideas To Treat The Coffee Drinker In Your Life

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you only get one thing for that special person this year, make it a cold brew coffee maker! I have to admit, I was skeptical about getting one of these for myself. I love a nice steaming cup of hot coffee in the morning, but after trying my new cold-brew coffee maker from CoffeeGator.com, I am hooked!

Cold-brew is a totally new way to experience coffee, and in my experience, so much better. The taste is amazing, and the normal bitterness that you sometimes experience with a regular brew is non-existent. To make, you add grounds, place in the refrigerator to let steep for at least 8 hours (I do overnight), and then enjoy!

You can enjoy it over ice or dress it up with a flavored creamer to give it an extra punch (my favorite is a peppermint mocha almond milk flavor from Aldi). If you normally take sugar in your coffee as I do, you won’t even miss it!

Coffee Gator says their mission is to help everyone drink better coffee, and after trying their products, I can say – mission accomplished!

Say goodbye to bitter coffee! The Coffee Gator Cold Brewer squeezes every ounce of potential out of your beans. You’re left with naturally sweeter, healthier, coffee.

~Coffee Gator

Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

I always wanted to try a pour-over coffee brewer to see what the fuss was about, and I’m so glad I did! The flavor you are able to extract by using this method over a traditional brewer with paper filters isn’t even comparable. If you know someone who loves to drink coffee, get them one of these as a gift and they won’t be disappointed.

Thermal Travel Mug with Pour Over Filter

Everyone loves a good travel mug for taking their coffee on the go, but if you are serious about having a good cup you need a thermal mug AND a pour-over filter. This uses the same concept as the pour-over coffee brewer mentioned above, but allows you to take all that flavor on the go with you!

Amazing Coffee Beans

You’ve got all these great brewers to give as gifts to the coffee lover in your life, but now you need some equally astounding beans to use in them! So where do you buy the best coffee beans to get the best flavor?

Image credit: Bean Box

Check out Bean Box to get an amazing selection of beans, all delivered fresh.

Novelty Coffee Socks

Looking for something a little more tongue-in-cheek? Try grabbing a pair or two of these fun socks. Perfect for anyone who both loves coffee and has a great sense of humor.

No matter who it is on your list, if you have a coffee drinker in your life, they are sure to love any of these gift ideas any time of the year. Grab something for Christmas, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, or just because!