Daughter, sister, niece, cousin, or your best friend’s daughter —it’s going to happen at some point. You need a gift for the tween girl who seems to have everything, which makes it very difficult to pick out the perfect gift. 

Tweens are too old for kid gifts but too young for teen stuff. So, you need to find some middle ground, and you have no idea what that is. You’re in luck, here are a variety of gift ideas for tween girls.

1. Gift Card

Who better to shop for a tween than a tween? Pick a popular store, get a gift card, and let the tween have fun picking out exactly what she wants. If you’re unsure of where she likes to shop, ask her mom or older sister for ideas. 

2. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are timeless classics, perfect for anyone who’s graduated beyond bath slime and other kid bath substances. You could take the tween on a day out to a bath bomb store or order a D.I.Y. bath bomb set online. 

3. Clothing

Tween girls are usually into clothes, and some may even be into dresses. If you want to choose a clothing gift yourself, look for tween dresses or other items that are designed to showcase the tween’s unique personality. 

4. Nail Art 

Cool and crazy nail trends are all the rage. And the tween in question might be desperate to try them, so why not get the perfect gift for the job? Purchase a nail art kit that has manicure tools in addition to the colors and gems that will make the tween’s nails stand out. 

5. Polaroid Camera

Consider an instant Polaroid camera for the tween who enjoys taking pictures. A tween girl will feel so cool, hip, and trendy with this blast-from-the-past camera. She’ll be able to take pictures of her favorite times with family and friends. Plus, unlike digital photos, she’ll have the images in hand to pin to a corkboard on her bedroom wall or organize in photo album or scrapbook.  

6. Phone Case

What about a trendy, cute phone case for the tween? Tweens like to change things up, so she probably won’t want to use one case all the time. Get her one expensive one she can use on special occasions, or a few inexpensive cute ones she can swap out day by day. Just make sure you know the make and model of her phone before you buy because cases are not one-size-fits-all. 

7. Water Bottle

A water bottle seems like a basic present, but shockingly enough, they’re becoming trendy these days. With all of the outdoor, sports, and after-school activities that teens do, a water bottle is definitely useful. Plus, a water bottle that’s eco-friendly and reusable is something that more socially aware tweens will love. And if the tween in question is not all that socially aware, any tween would be happy to have a hydro-flask covered in cute stickers.

8. A Sticker Kit

Speaking of decorating things with stickers, why not give the stickers as a gift? Tween girls love stickers, which can go on a phone, laptop, water bottle, walls, notebook, scrapbook —the list is endless. There’s lots of fun to be had with a pack of cute and trendy sticker designs.

9. A Beanbag

A beanbag can add some whimsy and fun to a tween girl’s room, as well as an extra place to lounge. And if you gift one that’s high-quality, it can last years. Who knows? The beanbag might even stay with the tween all the way up to college and beyond. 

10. Mannequin Head to Practice New Ways to Style Their Hair

Tween girls love finding new ways to style their hair, but it’s hard to learn all the fancy styles when all you have is their own hair to practice on. A mannequin head with long, lush hair is an excellent tool to have in any tween girl’s arsenal. 

11. Headphones

Tweens are probably into blasting music, and you don’t want them to wake the whole house. Consider getting a pair of fancy headphones. Pretty pink ones, LED ones, or ones with kitty ears or a unicorn horn. Headphones are more than a tool. They can also be fun and something to brag about.

12. Floral Notebook

Tweens are super busy, always making plans with friends, trying to manage hobbies and social activities, and school work. They’re also full of ideas for new hair and makeup looks, and other creative things — not to mention doodles. A pretty notebook is a must-have for all these scribbling and scheduling needs. 

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