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I cannot tell you how stoked I am to share this fun new craft I recently created. I’ve been racking my brain for fun gift ideas for both my parents and my in-laws and finally came up with the perfect solution… DIY Photo Transfer Coasters!

My parents and my husband’s parents all have birthdays coming up, not to mention Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both right around the corner, so I thought this year I’d make everyone a gift they could truly cherish. 

The coasters will be a treat since I often hear (not so subtly) how they don’t have enough photos of us and the kids. To top off the gift, I’ll pair the coasters with the smartwater® sparkling water I found at Sam’s Club.

It’ll be a great gift combination because we have all taken to drinking sparkling water lately to stay hydrated and refreshed.

I can’t tell you how much I, personally, love drinking Sparkling Smartwater. It has become my new favorite go-to beverage and is so bubbly and crisp — absolutely delicious! Head on over to your nearest Sam’s Club and grab some today!

There are three different ways you can make these DIY coasters. I love how they all turned out, but depending on the look you are going for, you may prefer one over the other. Check out all three styles below and let me know which one you like the best!

Waxed Paper Method

Printer Paper Method

Photo Paper Method

No matter which one you prefer, wrap the coasters up with some twine to give them a nice finishing touch, grab some smartwater® sparkling water, and wait for the oohs and aahs to commence!

To see the full tutorial on how to make these easy photo transfer coasters, head over to my craft section HERE!

A big thanks to The Coca-Cola Company who made this tutorial possible. My kids and I absolutely love the smartwater® sparkling water and was happy to be able to partner with them on this fun craft!