Thank you to I See Me! Inc. for providing us with a great personalized gift and for sponsoring this post.

When you have siblings, most of your things become shared property at one point or another. Everyone plays with one another’s things so it is really great when you have something that is just for you.

I love gifting my kids little personalized items that are just for them, and a book from I See Me! Inc. is a really cute way to give a gift to make someone feel special.

I recently received the ‘I’m a Big Girl Now!’ book that praises little ones for being “big kids” and doing “big kid” things such as going on the potty, getting himself/herself dressed and sleeping in a “big kid” bed.

i see me cover

The book was completely customized to my daughter’s hair color and skin color so that the character resembled her.  The inside cover showcases your child by including a picture of them, their name, and also birth date. I think it is super cute!

i see me book inside

My son was really intrigued with this book and that it was just for his sister. He was super excited for her, pointing out all the little personalizations on each page. An ‘I’ on a letter block, ‘Isabella’ spelled out on the piggy bank, etc. It was really cute to see him get so excited for his sister.

We also received a sheet of some really cool stickers with her name on them. She is going to use them for her school supplies, which I think is a great idea!

i see me stickers

Great Items For Back to School

Not only does I See Me have some great personalized gift options, but you can find some really cool lunch boxes and personalized stickers to send your child off to school in style. I’ll probably have to get a lunch box for my son this year as his old one has seen better days, one with his name on would be perfect!


So tell us…

Have you ever bought a personalized gift for someone?