I was provided $25 by our sponsor, Ebates, to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates

Back to school season is an exciting time for many children and parents alike. You get to buy new school clothes, get new supplies, meet a new teacher, etc. However, for many children the fun and excitement of getting fun new things never comes. When families are stuck pinching pennies, oftentimes new supplies are a luxury that cannot be afforded.

Teachers will often take money out of their own pockets to ensure that each child has what they need, but sometimes even this isn’t enough. This year, and every year going forward (I hope to start a new family tradition), my family and I will be donating at least two (hopefully more) filled backpacks to help students in need.

This year I was able to get a total of EIGHT backpacks, and four of them are completely filled with school supplies!

giving backpack ebates

While thinking about what supplies to fill the backpacks with, I didn’t want to just go out and buy some random things just because they were cheap or on sale. While I did look for great deals in order to stretch a buck, I made sure to only get items that were on the supply list provided by the school. I mean what good are school supplies if they aren’t needed or won’t be used?

Because I was given $25 from Ebates to help with our donation, and was also given a donation of two of the backpacks, some carmex lip balm to include in each backpack, and 1 full set of the supplies (second grade), I was able to donate quite a bit more this year. For a total of $11.79 out of pocket (after all donations accounted for) I was able to supply four kids with a complete set of supplies, plus provide the four extra backpacks. I will even get $1.50 of that back from my Kmart purchase by buying through Ebates online!

ebates double cash backgiving backpack ebates supply

A sample set of supplies — they were each a bit different as I got a 3rd grade set, a 2nd grade set, a 1st grade set, and a Kindergarten set. There are a few items not pictured as I ordered some things online that haven’t arrived yet (I had a gift card which means those supplies were free!)

Included (in just one set):

  • 30 #2 pencils
  • Big pink erasers
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Tissues
  • Colored pencils
  • 12” ruler with metric
  • 3 ring binder
  • Ear buds
  • 2 folders w/pockets
  • 4 wide ruled notebooks
  • Multiplication flash cards
  • Pencil case

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So tell us…

Have you completed your back to school shopping yet? Have you considered buying even just one extra item as a donation?