Many thanks to Fruit Shoot® for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to give my kids the freedom of adventure!

Recently I’ve been mourning the last of everything baby as my youngest reaches every little milestone. I know these simple little things like rolling over and eating first foods will be the last baby milestones I will ever have (until I perhaps have grandkids one day). But with that loss, also comes discovery, new experiences, and freedom of adventure.

The Freedom of Adventure

Giving Them Wings

My oldest has reached the age where we let him go off with his friends to ride bikes around town every afternoon when school gets out. While I was nervous to snip the strings that held him tightly to me, I am also thrilled to see what a responsible and caring young man he has become. I know that I can trust him to be kind to others, to obey the rules, and to return home when he is supposed to. With everything that I’m letting go of, I’m also getting new milestones in return.

Playing Every Sport

My second oldest is our adventurous one when it comes to trying new things. She wants to join every club and play every sport – and I, of course, love that she wants to do this since I was the same way when I was younger.

Currently, we are taking piano lessons and trying our hand at t-ball. She also wants to do karate, and dance, and gymnastics — but mom only has so many hours in a day so we are limiting it to two things right now. I’m super excited to start practicing baseball with her, though. My dad used to throw the ball around with me when I was a kid and I want her to have those same great memories. 

fruit shoot freedom of adventure baseball

They are Still Just Kids

Even though the older two have all these things to do, they are still just kids looking for a little adventure.

They still like to play at the park, still like to hang out with their younger sister (for the moment), and are even great at helping with the baby when asked. 


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