Are you looking for gluten-free foods that are easy to prepare and fun to eat? Something that those of us with a busy schedule can easily make? Well good news — one of my favorite pizza brands now has a gluten-free variety!

freschetta gluten free

Freschettâ Pizza goes gluten-free with the new thin and crispy crust!

Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza comes  in “4 Cheese Medley” and “Signature Pepperoni” varieties. The new product full of flavorful toppings will feature a light, airy and crispy gluten-free crust that the whole family — regardless of dietary restrictions — can enjoy.

Made with the freshest ingredients, the Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza offers a unique, 100 percent real premium blend of cheese toppings, including mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and Asiago, combined with a rich, flavorful pizza sauce on the “4 Cheese Medley” variety and loads of pepperoni on the “Signature Pepperoni Pizza” variety.

In addition to its great taste, the new Freschetta pizza is certified by the Celiac Sprue Association.

Freschetta® Gluten Free Pizza is found in freezer aisles at local grocers and retails for $9.99.

Thoughts on Freschetta gluten-free pizza

I was lucky enough to get a few coupons sent to me to try out the new gluten-free variety of pizza, but unfortunately I learned my store did not carry these yet. While I happily picked up a regular pizza that I enjoyed immensely (I don’t eat gluten free but my husband won’t eat the regular stuff), I was a bit disappointed we wouldn’t get to try it so he could add a little variety to his diet.

Fortunately I was able to send a couple of the coupons to our friends at because the owner, Alicia, said the gluten-free pizza was carried at stores in her location. She agreed to give them a try and let us know her thoughts.

freschetta gluten free cheese

After trying the pizza Alicia told me she doesn’t normally eat gluten-free products but she is trying to cut back on wheat and carbs so she wanted to give them a try. She tried the cheese pizza first. To her, the taste was quite a bit different than a normal pizza and she didn’t quite care for it since it was so different, but she felt that those who do eat gluten-free would probably like this alternative to the regular thing.

She gave the pepperoni pizza a try next and found that once again the taste was just a bit too different for her. She did go on to say that she loves the regular Freschetta varieties of pizza and will probably stick to that, however, if you do have a gluten intolerance you may want to pick these up just to give them a try!


So tell us…

Have you tried the new gluten-free pizza from Freschetta?


Thank you to Freschetta for allowing us to sample the pizzas and thank you to Alicia for trying them for us!